Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: July 2011


Americans are back to buying the cars they’ve always bought in large numbers: midsize sedans and full-size pickup trucks.

Ford’s F-Series and Chevy’s Silverado take the two top spots with Ram pickups in eighth place. Five of the remaining seven vehicles are midsize sedans.

The biggest factor this month remains the impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March. Honda’s sales were down an alarming 25.6% from July 2010. Toyota was down 19.7%, and Subaru, which set records pre-earthquake, was down 9.4%. Nissan saw sales tick up 2.7%.

As for the top 10 list, Toyota did manage to reclaim a spot for its Camry, which has been one of the most-read car reviews on for the past month. However, it is the third-straight month that no Honda has made the top 10. The Accord sedan finished in the No. 11 spot.

Check out the full list below.

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