Top 10 Hiding Places in Pickup Trucks

Du-ha under seat storage

Out in your pickup truck and need to stash something valuable where prying eyes won’t find it? We’re not talking about drug smuggling here, just the kind of stuff you don’t want nefarious peeping Toms to see in your truck and be enticed to swipe.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t leave cash sitting on your center console. Same goes with an iPad resting on the seat. These kinds of temptations might lead a scoundrel to break a window and make your stuff theirs. But what to do with the $8 in cash that you don’t want to stick back into your wallet? Or the expensive Beats by Dr. Dre headphones your passenger was rocking out to? Sometimes small items can be tricky to store or hide.

Of course your pickup is likely to have a good glove box (or two) and a large center console, but don’t forget about some of the less obvious nooks and crannies any pickup offers; it might take a small amount of modification or the purchase of a small lock box or special sleeve. Here are some nontraditional suggestions, but we’re positive you have many more. Feel free to share your creative ideas in the comment section below.

1. Under the Cupholder

Money in cupholder

In some trucks the cupholders can be popped out, either for cleaning or because there’s a bigger cupholder underneath. Either way, pop it out and stash your cash there.

2. Under the Mat

Hidden storage under floor mat

Simple enough? Just slip a few things under your floormat to keep them out of eyesight. And if you really want security you can install a vault in the floor. This one came standard in a heavy-duty truck. Seems about right for ammunition that must be stored separately from weapons.

3. Under the Rear Seat

If your rear-seat bottoms lift up, you can get some things under there. This Nissan even has cubbies to make storage easier, but just about every truckmaker has some kind of hidden storage in the rear of the pickup.

4. Build Covered Storage

Truck bed storage

These vaults from A.R.E. (there are many others) are out of sight view when they are closed. Perfect for fishing and archery equipment.

5. Behind the Stereo

Storage behind touchscreen

This might not be the most convenient place to hide things, but if you really don’t want your buddies to find your Miley Cyrus fan club card, you can pull out your stereo (providing you have a pullout stereo or a 2015 Suburban) and stuff a few things behind it.

6. In the Toolbox

Many trucks have a lockable toolbox in the bed. Use it!

7. Behind the Door Panel

Truck door storage

If your door panels pop off without the use of tools, you could easily hide that letter from your girlfriend. Or the divorce paperwork from your new girlfriend.

8. In the Engine Compartment

There are several nooks and crannies inside your engine compartment that can be used to hide things if you find the right storage box. Even the fuse box or your air filter box could work in a pinch. But remember things are likely to get a little warm in there.

9. On the Frame

Truck frame storage

Have you seen those magnetized key holders that a lot of people put near their grill to hide the spare house key? You could do something similar to the frame of your truck, assuming you don’t do a lot of four wheeling.

10. In the Headliner

Whatever you want to store or hold needs to be thin and light, but there’s more room than you would think in the headliner — especially if you have a sunroof. Additionally, there are plenty of products that can attach to the sun visor to hold and house extra gear.’s Editorial department is your source for automotive news and reviews. In line with’s long-standing ethics policy, editors and reviewers don’t accept gifts or free trips from automakers. The Editorial department is independent of’s advertising, sales and sponsored content departments.

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