Top 10 Television Pickup Trucks, Part 1


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No. 10: Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2, "Storm Chasers"

The tank-like Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 in the Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" started life as a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 dual-rear-wheel 4×4 pickup. Its pickup body was replaced with a new steel-frame safety structure, covered in 1/8-inch-thick welded steel plates. The sides were fitted with hydraulic skirts that could be lowered on demand to direct high-speed tornado winds safely around the truck. Power to the truck's three driven axles came from a 6.7-liter six-cylinder Cummins turbo-diesel, outfitted with propane and water injection. The two rear axles were Dana 80s needed to support the TIV's 17,500-pound curb weight.

No. 9: 1973 Ford F-100, “The Dukes of Hazzard”

When you’ve got two young nephews who race and jump a 1969 Dodge Charger nicknamed the General Lee all over the county, what better vehicle to follow behind to help pick up the pieces than a Ford F-100? The beat-up old truck was Uncle Jesse’s faithful rig in almost every episode of “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

No. 8: 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty, "King of the Hill"

We all know a guy like Hank Rutherford Hill. He's conservative, no-nonsense, a hard worker and loves his son no matter what. Hank could be your next door neighbor. So what better vehicle for dependable Hank to drive than a 1999 Ford F-250? He bought it after his Ford Ranger was destroyed by a train. The Super Duty even has a manual transmission. No wonder "The Economist" called Hank one of the wisest characters on TV.

No. 7: 1921 Oldsmobile Model 46 Truck, "The Beverly Hillbillies"

What’s the perfect vehicle to move your family to swanky Beverly Hills after discovering bubbling crude in Appalachia in the 1960s? If you’re Jed Clampett, it’s a 1921 Oldsmobile roadster with a custom flatbed on the back to carry all your prized possessions and, of course, Granny’s rocking chair. George Barris, the legendary Hollywood car builder known for creating the Batmobile, created five of these trucks for the television series. One example recently sold at a Barrett Jackson Auto Auction for more than $125,000!

No. 6: 1979 Dodge Macho Power Wagon, "Simon & Simon"

Two brothers with polar-opposite personalities and lifestyles team up and form a detective agency in San Diego in the 1980s. A.J. Simon is a yuppie who likes fast cars while Rick Simon, a former Marine, gets around in a Macho Power Wagon with a front bumper fit for a Texas cattle ranch or running baddies off the road. Guess whose vehicle always saved the day? Yep, you nailed it.

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