Top 5 Mopar Accessories for the Ram 1500 Tradesman and Adventurer


Mopar has announced a ton of appearance, performance and work-oriented accessories for the newly introduced Ram 1500 Tradesman and half-ton pickups. Here are our top 5.

No. 5: Sport Performance Hood and Decal

This stamped aluminum twin-nostril hood (above) replaces the stock hood and makes the truck look more aggressive. It also provides a bit more headroom to mount a supercharger on the Hemi 5.7-liter V-8 underneath. Got horsepower?

An optional vinyl decal with a carbon fiber pattern adds to the custom truck vibe. We could also see it cutting glare on the trail if you move up the food chain to turn your truck into a Ram Runner.

MSRP: $978, Part No. 82211065AD – Sport Hood / MSRP: $166, Part No. 82211882AB – Vinyl Hood Sticker

No. 4: Remote Start

In the middle of a Michigan winter or an Arizona summer, a remote start for your truck can help warm up or cool down the interior before you jump in the cab. We've used it. It works.

MSRP: $235, Part No. 82212424AB

No. 3: Uconnect Web

Uconnect turns your truck into a WiFi hotspot so you, your friends or employees can connect to the Internet at the job site or cruising around. No cell cards or software required, just a WiFi-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone. Subscription required; sold separately.

MSRP: $499, Part No. 82211856AB – Uconnect Router / MSRP: $383, Part No. 82211918 – 1-year subscription

No. 2: Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System

If you're a business owner adding several Ram Tradesman pickups to your fleet, Mopar's EVTS will help you track where your trucks and drivers are 24/7. This GPS-enabled real-time tracking system includes a $1,000 theft warranty. Optional upgrade plans provide emergency services and a "panic" button. Features such as setting speed and distance parameters with text alerts, unlimited online tracking, and full concierge service are also offered.

MSRP: $459, Part No. 82212457 plus separate monthly subscription fees per truck depending on tracking plan

No. 1: Sliding Toolbox

Who doesn't have stuff to store in the back of a truck? Now you can keep that gear safe and dry in an aluminum toolbox that can slide anywhere you need it in the cargo box.

MSRP: $557, Part No. 82211356

[Source: Mopar]


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