Toyota Commercial Teases Consumers


A new commercial from Toyota seems to imply we'll be seeing something new. From the looks of it — and viewers only get brief glimpses — there might be a new look or trim package headed our way. The commercial ran during a recent Supercross event and has us thinking there must be some kind of tie-in, given the entire ad emphasized dust and dirt. We're guessing it could be an off-road package for possibly three different vehicles. contacted Toyota, and spokesmen flatly stated they cannot confirm or deny any knowledge of a new option package or new vehicle from Toyota. The ad showed a blacked-out front grille with writing on it, similar to what we saw on the FJ Cruiser Final Edition. Maybe it means Toyota is changing how it wants to identify vehicles; clearly one vehicle is a new Tundra.

Since the vehicles in the commercial are running through the desert like wild horses, we're hoping the package offers more than just a face-lift and new stickers. Fingers crossed for a new Toyota Racing Development package or Baja Edition.



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