Toyota FT-MV Concept: Future Minivan

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  • Looks like: A fancy front glued to the back end of a 1980s van
  • Defining characteristics: Little wheels, huge grille
  • Ridiculous features: Fully automatic ottomans
  • Chance of being mass-produced: In Japan, this could be the next big MPV; it needs some work to play in the U.S.

Toyota doesn’t mess around with concept names. Unlike domestic companies that come up with cool names like “Firepower” or “Interceptor,” Toyota goes with FT-MV, which literally stands for “future Toyota minivan.” Hey, these guys don’t beat around the bush.

Does the practical nature of the naming convention mean this will be a future Sienna minivan? Probably not. The style is too heavily Asian-influenced for U.S. tastes, and the tricked out interior is certainly too costly for the soccer mom crowd.

Most concepts do go over the top when it comes to interiors, though, so the ottomans for the seats and the huge display screens will not come to a dealer near you. However, we’re a bit surprised at how finished the overall style of the interior is; it wouldn’t look out of place next to a new Highlander. More photos of the funky minivan concept are below.

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