Toyota Offering $1,500 Rebate on All-New Tundra


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Toyota dealers are offering as much as $1,500 cash back on the base model of the all-new Tundra full-size pickup throughout the month. Before “the sky is falling” comments start flooding in, let us say that the base model, single-cab truck is not the most popular Tundra. Dealers have reported the more-expensive double cabs are selling well. Toyota representatives did tell the Journal that the company is concerned it may miss its initial sales goal of 200,000 for the Tundra this year.

The fine print: Toyota dealers in the Southeast — Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina — are offering the full $1,500 cash back. Other regional stores are offering anywhere from $250 – $1,000.

[Toyota Dealers Offer Discount On Newly Redesigned Tundra, Wall Street Journal]

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