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Toyota Prius MPV Teased Again

As the 2011 Detroit auto show approaches, Toyota has released another teaser image for its addition to the Prius family. This time we get a sneak peek at the interior cargo area, which adds 50% more rear space over the traditional Prius’ 21.6 cubic feet, Toyota says.

That would give this Prius MPV – a term for small vans like the Mazda5 – more cargo space than, say, a Honda Accord Crosstour or a Toyota Matrix, but less than the Mazda5 with the seats rear seats up.

We can also see that the Prius MPV will have a dual sunroof option and an entirely new entertainment center from any vehicle in Toyota’s lineup. Toyota also released a short video sneak peek (featuring pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist) that shows a very brief shot of the front of the new Prius, as well as with the hatch up.

It’s no secret at this point that the Prius lineup is about to grow. Toyota has already released an exterior silhouette shot and an interior shot of the people mover. The automaker will fully unveil the Prius MPV to the media on Jan. 10, along with some updates for the plug-in Prius model coming out next year, too

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