Toyota Shelves Diesel Tundra, Moves Ahead With A-BAT


Citing a lagging full-size truck market and the challenges of selling vehicles with diesel engines in the U.S., sources said it would put plans for a light-duty diesel version of its Tundra pickup on hold, according to our sister site,

The technical challenges of producing diesel engines that meet federal emissions standards, coupled with the high price of diesel fuel, forced Toyota’s hand, although the automaker does think it could return to the idea if fuel prices drop and the market for trucks recovers — both big ifs.

Toyota has instead decided to go ahead with production of a vehicle based on its A-BAT concept (Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck) that we saw at the 2008 Detroit auto show.’s David Thomas called it one of his favorite vehicles from that show, and with two fuel-efficient drivetrains in the works, Toyota may be working on a winner.

Check out the story on the A-BAT from last year, and watch a video on it here.

Sources: A-BAT a Go, Tundra Light-Duty Diesel Shelved (

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