Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR Zero-to-60 MPH Time


On Tuesday, Toyota unveiled the 504-horsepower, supercharged 5.7-liter V-8 Tacoma X-Runner RTR pickup that's headed to this year's SEMA show. We've got the first zero-to-60 mph times for the in-house project truck.

How fast was the RTR's acceleration? According to our VBOX data recorder, which was riding shotgun next to Top Fuel dragster and RTR driver Antron Brown, the Tacoma pounded out zero-to-60 mph times of 3.95 seconds, 3.85 seconds and 3.76 seconds during its first three runs.

The third run was also the fastest of the day, according to the timing gear at Pomona Raceway — 12.01 seconds at 116.57 mph in the quarter-mile. That's remarkable for what Toyota says is an uncalibrated drag truck that just came out of TRD's garage.

Toyota and Brown expect the RTR to break into the 11-second range very soon.


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