Toyota Unveils Its Cargo Van Concept


Just in case anyone thinks Toyota has missed the news that , , and have jumped into the small cargo van market, Toyota's all-new concept vehicle — the Urban Utility (just debuted in San Francisco at the Maker Faire) — should leave no doubt Toyota is going to try to put its stamp on a competitive entry.

The Urban Utility (aka U2) vehicle looks to have a short-wheelbase Highlander platform with a closed rear cabin to allow for many different types of interior configurations. The uniquely customizable space can be easily accessed from the rear drop-down tailgate with features such as a floor- and side-wall mounted utility rail system, fold-up and removable seats, swing-open and retractable side windows and roof, and a futuristic Tesla-like iPad in-dash screen and electro-shifter. The U2 was built and designed in-house by Toyota's Calty Design Research studio in Newport Beach, Calif.

Toyota's interpretation of urban mobility and customizable interiors could be the first step in Toyota's move to gain a foothold in North America's growing commercial market (although no official decision has been made about production). Making a maneuverable, tight-turning little van that gets great fuel economy and can carry a bulky load is new territory for Toyota, and this looks like a good first attempt.

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