Travel Channel Searches for 'America's Worst Driver'

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The Travel Channel is asking Americans to nominate their friends and spouses for their awful driving habits, as the network’s show “America’s Worst Driver” searches for the worst driver in the country.

Premiering 9 p.m. (Eastern time) Sunday, “America’s Worst Driver” has contestants compete to prove they are not actually that bad. This includes real-world tests in different cities where the show takes place, as well as closed-course driving tests graded by a police officer. So far, episodes have been shot in New York, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago.

The “winner” from each city watches as his or her car is destroyed. These finalists then compete for the title of Worst Driver. The “winner” gets a bicycle and a bus pass, while the “losers” get new cars, which makes the stakes pretty high.

The show apparently has been a hit in 15 other countries, according to the show’s producers, but we’re confident that American drivers have some very special bad driving habits to contribute to the competition. We drive in and around Chicago, so we’re confident this will be a highly competitive show.

Chicagoans in Running for ‘America’s Worst Driver’ (Chicago Sun-Times)