Tundra Owners Know How to Squeeze MPGs


Saving fuel is a top priority for truckmakers and consumers nowadays, and several original equipment manufacturers have re-engineered their entire powertrain lineup within the last few years to improve the fuel economy of their pickup trucks. The owners of pickups whose powertrains haven't been updated — Toyota, Nissan and Honda — have found other ways to squeeze out every MPG they possibly can.

According to, there are specific driving skills many Toyota Tundra owners practice to get the most fuel efficiency from their full-size half-ton (some say it's stronger and heavier than your basic half-ton). Although most of the advice is common sense, these tips are worth noting because all truck drivers can benefit from them.

Foremost among the tips from Tundra drivers: Adopt an elegant and smooth driving style rather than an aggressive, fast-paced style. Other suggestions include using freer-flowing air filters, checking tire pressure regularly, doing regular maintenance work and not carrying what you don't need. We've also heard some V-8 owners have had good luck with different cold-air induction products. (Of course, these particular suggestions will apply to any pickup truck owner looking to improve their fuel economy.)

What kind of fuel economy the next-gen Tundra will be able to achieve is anyone's guess, but we're optimistic that Toyota understands that the big pickup makers have and are investing large sums of money in more technologically advanced and more efficient powertrains. Rumors of a modified version of the 5.0-liter Cummins in a Tundra make sense for a , but more needs to be done for the mainstream trim levels in the lineup. We'd expect additional fuel-efficiency advances for next-gen Tacoma as well.

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