Ultimate Midlife Crisis: A Condo for Your Car

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The housing market may be going bust for 99.9% of the country, but for those enterprising few out there with growing car collections, there’s a new hot property: Auto-Miniums. That cutesy non-word is attached to condominiums custom-made to show off automobiles instead of house humans. One such complex in Dallas sports units between 600 and 2,000 square feet at prices from $140,000 to $440,000. Another development in Phoenix is resort-themed, and prices there break $1 million. Instead of focusing on granite counters, owners select special brick flooring to pamper their rides.

We’ve actually seen condominiums built atop garages at motorsports complexes like the Autobahn in Joliet, Ill., but at least those serve as home to cars made to be raced, and the club has a private racetrack. This Auto-Minium idea is just for nice cars to have a home overlooking courtyards. That sounds like a bit “too much” to even the most car-obsessed among us.

Condos for Your Cars (The New York Times)

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