Up Close: 2008 BMW X6


The X6’s svelte exterior lines take a hefty toll on its utility when you get up close. You have to duck your head to get in the backseat, and its confines would best be described as cozy. Cabin appointments in back are like those up front — wide armrests and leather-ensconced door panels — but the low roof and high windows mean claustrophobics should ride shotgun.

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Up front, storage areas are in short supply. A narrow cubby that opens above where you’d normally find a glove compartment turns out to be, well, the glove compartment. It’s reasonably deep, but it houses a CD/DVD changer near the top, so don’t load it full. Extra stuff can go in the center console between the seats, but it isn’t all that big either. Ultimately, this is a sports car among SUVs: attractively styled and well-appointed inside, but lacking a bit on the utility front. No matter — once we fire up that 400-hp V-8, our reservations will probably melt right away.

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