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Up Close With the 2008 Toyota Sequoia

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  • The operation of the new Sequoia’s second- and third-row seats is particularly interesting and well-executed. Lift a lever and the second row slides forward and out of your way for easy access to the third row.

    As for the third row itself, it wins points for its power-reclining feature, which makes the seat more comfortable than the third row in the Ford Expedition, which has been one of the leaders in this regard. Getting out of the third row is simplified by a foot kick on the back of the middle row that lets it slide forward and out of your way. — Mike Hanley

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  • The new Sequoia is, beyond everything else, spacious. The cockpit area ia roomy, with a gi-normous center storage unit. The second row has honest-to-God space for three adults, even three big adults. The center dash controls are large knobs; I appreciate Toyota going for usefulness over techno-flash. Everything has been butched up, from the front, which sees much larger bumpers and an enormous grille, to the long truck-like lines down the side. My only worry is this: I know many suburban moms who either drove the old version of the Sequoia or who wanted it. Given the rougher, rugged new looks, I wonder if this version may be too truck-like to stay on their consideration list. — Patrick Olsen

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