Update 1: Ram Trucks To Be Separated From Dodge Brand


Update #1 November-4-2009 03:30 EDT:
Chrysler's newly separated Ram truck brand will make its national debut on TV this evening when it kicks off a new ad campaign called "."

The campaign will feature iconic photos of Ram pickups working hard and famous people, like Albert Einstein and Muhammad Ali, that are meant to reflect the strength, individuality and determination of Ram truck owners.

Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram vehicles, says the brand could also grow into new areas, like over-the-road semi trucks and tractor trailers.

As expected, Ralph Gillies, president and CEO of the Dodge brand, has officially announced that Ram branded trucks will be separated from the Dodge brand, which will be focused on lifestyles.

The Ram brand will oversee the development, marketing and sales of pickups and commercial vans. Ram trucks will still be sold at Dodge dealers.

For a thorough look back at the long, strong history of Dodge trucks, please of these vehicles.


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