Updated 2018 Jaguar XJ Gets Performance Model


CARS.COM — Jaguar announced significant updates to its flagship XJ sedan for 2018 — or “saloon” if you prefer the British parlance. The technical changes focus on interior and safety features, while there’s also a new XJR575 performance model for 2018 with a unique powertrain and exterior design.

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Inside, a new 10-inch touchscreen is the most visible change. Jaguar claims it operates similar to a smartphone, offering customizable background images and “widgets” — think smartphone apps — that can be organized according to the driver’s preference. Additional pages can be added for widgets that won’t fit on the main page.

The newest additions to the available safety features are a driver condition monitor and blind spot assist. The driver condition monitor is standard on rear-wheel-drive models and will prompt you to take a break if it detects driver fatigue. With blind spot assist, if you attempt to make a lane change and a car is detected in your blind spot, the XJ will apply opposing force to the steering wheel to prevent a collision. That can still be overridden by the driver in case of an emergency maneuver, however.

For the enthusiasts in the world wanting a big British car with lots of power, Jaguar adds the XJR575 to the 2018 XJ lineup. The “575” in XJR575 stands for the 575 horsepower produced by its unique 5.0-liter V-8, which also produces a claimed 517 pounds-feet of torque — that’s one more than the F-Type SVR.

The XJR575 has the looks of a performance sedan with unique exterior design cues including a lip spoiler and side skirts, quad tailpipes, gigantic red brake calipers and two exclusive paint colors. Inside, the XJR575 gets a unique diamond-stitched leather interior.

All 575 hp is channeled through an eight-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels, and only the rear wheels. Other versions of the XJ are available with all-wheel drive, but not the XJR575.

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