Video: These Cars Are Eco-Friendly and Economical

CARS.COM — With all the trucks and SUVs flying off dealer lots, it’s clear that the days of $4-a-gallon gas are just a distant memory for most drivers. Even so, there’s no guarantee gas will stay cheap forever. If you’re looking for a little insurance against a spike in prices at the pump — or just want a car that pollutes less — check out these high-mpg rides.

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The Toyota Prius has long been the face of hybrid cars, and the 2017 model is as efficient as ever with up to a 56-mpg rating in combined driving. With its revised suspension, it’s also more comfortable than ever. For the more budget-conscious eco-driver, Toyota’s Yaris iA subcompact sedan costs less than $17,000 while delivering up to 35 mpg combined. The Honda Fit is also efficient and affordable if you’d prefer a small hatchback.

If you need more room for the family a few hybrid mid-size sedans are worth a look. The Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid is quiet and comfortable, and gets 46 mpg in combined driving while the Ford Fusion Hybrid’s EcoGuide coaching tool helps you drive more efficiently.

If you just can’t bear giving up your SUV, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid seats up to eight in three rows, has standard all-wheel drive and is rated as high as 29 mpg combined. If you’re into pampering yourself as much as the environment, there’s Lexus’ RX 450h hybrid luxury SUV.

Speaking of luxury, we couldn’t leave out the car that proved there was a market for high-end electric cars. The Tesla Model S redefined what an electric car could be — and now traditional luxury brands are scrambling to catch up.

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