Virtual Vroom: Hyundai Race Cars Crash 'Gran Turismo Sport' Party


CARS.COM — Polyphony Digital’s “Gran Turismo” video game series is one of the most iconic racing video game series ever, and the latest installment, “Gran Turismo Sport,” has just been released for the Sony PlayStation 4. Among the more than 150 cars included in the game are three from Hyundai that can only be driven in the game, in dreams, or maybe if you’re a professional race car driver.

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The most notable car is the N 2025 Vision GT Concept, which was first revealed in 2015 as part of the “Gran Turismo 6” program “Vision Gran Turismo,” where manufacturers were invited to create futuristic concepts specifically for the video game. The N 2025 Vision GT concept features a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain with four independent motors, one in each wheel, that produces a total system output of 871 horsepower.

Thanks to the light weight of the fuel-cell stacks and the carbon-fiber-reinforced body, the car weighs a mere 972 kilograms, or roughly 2,143 pounds. This is all purely hypothetical, of course, because it’s entirely within a video game.

Joining the N 2025 Vision GT concept are four versions of the Genesis coupe: Three are for the track and one is a Group B rally car. For the unfamiliar, Group B was a short-lived class of rally racing founded in 1982 that involved high-performance, high-tech cars. Speeds reached on unpaved and uneven roads were only matched by the lack of spectator safety; a series of high-profile fatal accidents led to the cancellation of the series in 1986.

“Gran Turismo Sport” is on sale now if you’d like to drive these crazy Hyundais or any of the other cars in the game.

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