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Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept;

One of our reviewers summed it up best when he described the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept, which debuted at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, as "a 395-horsepower take on what a hybrid racecar Golf of the future would look like, if the world decided it needed such a thing." The GTE Sport retains the general shape of the garden-variety Golf, but with space-age styling.

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One out-there feature is the hatchback's side doors, which VW calls "gull-wing" but really open more like scissor doors. Deep, angular shaping on the hood and profile, as well as a low, flattened-out stance, large rear spoiler and giant fan-blade wheels round out the race-ready cues. That theme continues none too subtly on the inside, where it takes on the appearance of a jet-fighter cockpit, featuring full-on racecar seats, an airplane steering yoke and seat belt, and a nearly shoulder-high divide between driver and passenger where the console would otherwise be.

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Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept; photos by Steven Pham

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