Volvo S80 Refreshed for 2010

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Exterior changes include a larger, prominent “Volvo” badge on the front grille; in the rear, the “Volvo” decal is now spaced out and larger. Other tasteful enhancements include a bright chrome strip lining the front lower intake, side sills and below the taillamps.

On the inside, Volvo has added some metallic trim to the center stack to make it look more like the new XC60. There’s also a restyled instrument cluster and a brand-new four-spoke steering wheel. The automaker says the new steering wheel will find its way onto other Volvos down the line.

There are no mechanical changes to the S80. It can be equipped with an inline-six-cylinder engine, a turbocharged inline-six or a V-8. All-wheel drive is available on the turbo and V-8 models.

The 2010 S80 will be unveiled at the Geneva auto show in March, and will go on sale in the U.S. shortly thereafter. Pricing will be announced closer to launch. Check out some photos below.

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2009 Volvo S80:

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