VW iCar on the Way?

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Some people in the offices went out and bought an iPhone the day it was released. They love their shiny little phones, and now it seems they may have reason to run out and get a new VW if rumors about an Apple/Volkswagen marriage are true. According to various gadget sites, Steve Jobs and VW head honcho Martin Winterkorn met a few days ago to “plan an intensive cooperation with the building of vehicles.”

We won’t go so far as to say there will be an iCar, as some have suggested, but we bet it’ll be along the line of Microsoft’s Sync system with Ford, where the computer-maker tries to integrate phone, navigation and entertainment into the car. We can see the “I’m a Ford, and I’m a VW” commercials already.

Steve Jobs and VW Chairman Talk iCar
(Gizmodo, image by Gizmodo)

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