VW Scirocco to Be Reborn

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Volkswagen can’t stop bringing back names from its not so distant past (in that way it’s just like American automakers). First it was the Rabbit, and today’s news is that the German automaker will build an all-new car named Scirocco, the last generation of which — from the early 1990s — is pictured here. Brand loyalists might be doing cartwheels, but all it means to the average consumer is that there will be a new two-door coupe from VW in the next few years.

It will most likely be built on existing technology borrowed from the VW Golf platform, or perhaps the sportier Audi TT; Audi is a corporate cousin of VW. Production is slated for 2008, so even if you can’t wait for a new Scirocco…uh, you’ll have to keep waiting at least three years to buy one. And that’s if VW even decides to bring it to the United States.

[VW: Scirocco to Be Built in Portugal, AP]

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