What Do You Think About 'Bad Driver' Stickers?

A recent poll by Flexed, a car leasing company in the United Kingdom, shows that the vast majority of drivers (86 percent) favor placing warning stickers on cars flagging a driver who has had his or her license revoked or been convicted of certain moving violations.

"Like the Hazardous Chemical boards that warn road users of dangerous materials being transported by lorries, [we've] found that people are in favour of a similar system to indicate if the hazardous cargo is — in fact — the driver," the company said in a statement.

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I can actually see the benefits of this idea, specifically for people who have been convicted of DUIs.  A highly reflective sticker can alert drivers to the past transgression, and may result in a higher awareness of drivers around that car. Or how about stickers for habitual texters?

"Nobody should have to drive with the fear that the driver next to them is unpredictable or is a potential danger," said Flexed spokesman Mark Hall in the statement.

I can't really argue with that.

Poll responders, 1,450 drivers between the ages of 18 and 80, were given a little ... um ...  "creative" liberty to suggest what other car stickers they'd like to see. And that's where this poll goes downhill. Here are a few of the less-offensive suggestions that we can actually publish:

  • Driver can't park to save their life
  • Warning! I throw lit cigarette ends out of my window
  • Has argumentative spouse in passenger seat
  • Will always drive 15 mph below the speed limit, except on long straight roads, and then it's foot to the floor
  • Warning! Driver will panic when they see blue flashing lights
  • Off-duty taxi driver: No indicators
  • Sunday driver

While these ideas may be a little off the cuff, the original concept of warning stickers is a unique one. If you were polled, would you be in favor of them or against them?

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