Which Automaker Sells the Most Vans?


It's a lock that GM will sell more pickup trucks than any other automaker by year-end. It's already doing so at the midyear point when you combine Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, and GMC Sierra and Canyon sales (we'll have a more detailed midyear sales report focused on pickups later). However, in the world of commercial vans, Ford is the top dog.

We pay attention to commercial vans — especially full-size and compact models — because they do work like a pickup truck. They're designed and built for a different kind of customer and purpose, but we respect their function-over-form DNA and their incredible versatility. Most of the vans sold in the U.S. offer practical cargo and comfort-oriented passenger models, much like today's pickups.

With half of 2015 behind us, here's a June-January van sales breakdown by model and manufacturer.


Van Sales by Model

  1. Ford Transit:                         57,643
  2. Ford E-Series:                         27,883
  3. Chevrolet Express:                     26,697
  4. Ford Transit Connect:                    24,257
  5. GMC Savana:                                  13,939
  6. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter*:                   13,534
  7. Ram ProMaster:                                   12,077
  8. Nissan NV200:                                      8,440
  9. Nissan NV:                                           8,186
  10. Chevrolet City Express:                        4,284
  11. Ram ProMaster City:                           3,078
  12. Ram Cargo Van:                               3,075

Van Sales by Manufacturer

  1. Ford:  109,783
  2. GM:               44,920
  3. Ram:                       18,230
  4. Nissan:                             16,626
  5. Mercedes-Benz*:                        13,534

* Total includes Freightliner sales

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