Will a Robot Pump Your Gas Someday?

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It seems like every time you turn around, movies like “The Matrix” and “Terminator” look more and more prophetic. No, robots are not using humans as batteries or traveling back in time to kill them … yet. 

But they are pumping gas.

That’s right — a Dutch company has invented a robot that can fill up any car. How does it do it? The arm-like ‘bot comes loaded with a database of gas tank locations for different vehicles. It can then open your tank, unscrew the gas cap and insert the nozzle without danger of scratching your paint. More amazingly, it won’t forget to screw the gas cap back on.

With the friendly gas station attendant having gone out of vogue in most parts of the country, it seems as if people are largely OK with pumping their own gas — even if it means exposing themselves to nasty weather and — God forbid — pushing upward of three buttons. The market for gas robots therefore seems slim, especially when you consider the cost of each gasbot: $111,100.

A Robot That Pumps Your Gas, At Long Last (

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