Will the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Have a Tall-Roof Option?

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The 2014 Transit Connect compact van/wagon should be in dealerships early next year.

If you want the option of a high-roof model in a cargo van — and can accept one that’s much larger — you might want to wait for Ford’s full-size Transit van due in mid-2014. The Transit, which will replace the E-Series van, will come in three lengths and three heights that Ford calls low-, medium- and high-roof models.

Low-roof models will be about 84 inches tall, medium versions will be 101 inches and the tall models will stand 109 to 110 inches high, depending on model. Ford says the tall-roof models will have 81 inches of interior cargo height. Make no mistake; they will be big boys, with overall lengths ranging from 220 inches to 266 inches.

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