Winter Special: Pickup Trucks Love the Snow

At a time when much of the country is ankle — or even knee — deep in snow and suffering through single-digit temperatures, you’d think a pickup truck would be left behind. But that doesn’t happen when you combine creativity with a great deal of desire.

As if to prove that just about any pickup can go just about anywhere when built and equipped properly, here are two examples of an amazing way to cut through snow and look good doing it.

One is a new product called Track N Go, that turns any pickup into a go-anywhere snowmobile, without changing out the tires and wheels; the other is professional rally driver Ken Block’s newest Ford F-150 SVT RaptorTRAX creation from Hoonigan Racing. We expect to see a great deal more of both, especially if next winter is anything like this one. We’re told this SVT Raptor has a new blower, full rollcage, snowboard racks and several other custom-performance modifications. We can’t wait to see where Block takes this.

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