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Women Find Men With Expensive Cars More Attractive

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We put all other news on hold to bring you this groundbreaking report: Apparently, having an expensive car makes men more attractive to women.

In other automotive news, hurling a bowling ball at your windshield could result in damage.

Seriously, the British Journal of Psychology took the time to conduct a study of what every guy who has ever picked up a date in a Toyota Corolla already knows: Women will find you more attractive with a pricey car.

The study “manipulated status” by showing the same model with identical facial expressions in either a “high status” car (such as a Bentley Continental GT) or a “neutral status” car (such as a Ford Fiesta). Participants then gave each model a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, and female participants rated models in the high-status vehicles as significantly more attractive.

Men, on the other hand, are apparently as shallow as everyone says they are and concerned strictly with physical appearance. The status of the vehicle that the female models were in made absolutely no difference to that woman’s attractiveness rating. When it came to status symbol cars, “Males,” the study said, “unlike females, remain oblivious to such cues.”

Effect of Manipulated Prestige-Car Ownership on Both Sex Attractiveness Ratings (