Yes, There is a Use for Infiniti's Around View Monitor

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When it first debuted I thought Infiniti’s Around View Monitor was a good idea, especially for my tight parking space off of a Chicago alley. However, for the typical suburbanite with a garage I figured it would be a bit useless. I recently moved to the suburbs — two-car garage and everything — and now I have a really narrow driveway. It is so narrow that the wife and I have driven off it on occasion. Now I know that the Around View Monitor has its place in the burbs, too.

Our driveway navigation skills are improving, but driving the 2009 Infiniti EX35 for a night reminded me just how good the Around View Monitor can be. The mix of overhead and front camera angles with the proximity alert got me to and from my garage without even looking up from the LCD screen.

On the 2010 model, the monitor is part of the $2,150 option package, which is not a small amount of money. But at least it’s part of a more popular package than the $2,250 Technology Package. which includes a lane departure warning, forward collision warning systems and other safety features many drivers may not want.


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