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$1,100 MADE IT 10 MILES

Took my wife's car to Big O Dodge to be serviced. It would not start when you pushed the start button. They had it a little over 3 weeks. Changed the battery, and fixed a ground. Got it to crank. One of them drove it home to test it. But the next morning it wouldn't start again. So he had it towed back to the shop. Up until this point as a Google Local Guide. I was ready to leave one of the best reviews they had ever had written. But this is when it changed. Well they ordered a new key fob. They called me today, and said it was fixed. But I can only guess that this time. They got it to work just long enough to get some money out of us without actually driving it around. Because my wife, and I picked it up. We made it to the gas station, and it wouldn't start again. Right back to the original problem that I paid them $1,100 to fix. Because when they said it was fixed I trusted them. Won't make that Big O mistake twice. Called the service department, and after I told them I just paid them $1,100 and only made it to the gas station. He told me that if it wasn't under warranty all I could do was have it towed back to them. He didn't say "I'm sorry sir" , or "we'll take care of having it towed for you." I gave you $1,100 and didn't make it but 10 miles down the street. I shouldn't be having to worry about this after spending that kind of money. But I'll just have it towed to Mckinney. The whole reason I took it to Big O Dodge was because I was told I could trust them to take care of me. Well they killed that trust. I'll never take another car back. I already spoke to all of my family, and friends that have their cars serviced there as well. All 27 of them are going to Mckinney from now on as well. I also work at one of the biggest manufacturing plants in the entire state, and I can't wait to tell every single person there either. I think I'm going to talk to one of my buddies that works at WYFF about this as well. This is ridiculous. Left Jake Odom a voicemail as well. So before I pursue anything I'm waiting on his response, and his response may even change my review. But I can't wait on a response until tomorrow and spend the night at the gas station. So if I have to pay for towing on top of $1,100 for them not to fix it. It's going to Mckinney.


Avoid - Dont Buy or Send Cars in For Repairs

Just crooks. Took my 2019 Jeep Compass in for service. Check engine light was on because the auxiliary battery was bad. I had the main battery replaced by AutoZone the day before and auxiliary battery checked. The auxiliary battery was bad and AutoZone didn't have the part in stock. So I took the car to be serviced. The mechanic verified with his computer the check engine light was on because of the auxiliary battery. I informed the mechanic that I was already aware the battery was bad and to let me know what a replacement would cost. This was at 8:30am with a scheduled appointment. He said it would take a few hours and would call if the price goes above $150 for approval. At 4pm I finally receive an invoice with recommendations totaling over $1200! I'm still making payments on the Jeep and spoiler alert....I bought it from this awful place. Anyways, I decline all the recommendations and finally get the final invoice for almost $250. I was charged $135 for a "battery concern" and the remaining balance is for the oil change. Again, AutoZone (for free) already tested the battery and the mechanic was fully informed before looking at the car. When asked about the unnecessary upcharge the mechanic back pedal stating it was from running a 180min diagnostics on the radio/touch screen. The radio/touch screen is manufactured defective and months after purchase started having issues like most Jeep owners have. Half the screen doesn't work, when it does sorta work, it jumps around and scrolls like an old analog TV use to. My child can clearly see its defective. No troubleshooting necessary. The Jeep is barely 3 years old and supposedly under warranty. They assured me once I bought the Jeep, they would fix anything wrong or correct anything I wasn't happy with. Welcome to the Jeep family I was told. What a joke. Mechanics lie and manipulate people just like the trained salesman. I paid $250 dollars for an oil change and the Jeep left with the Check Engine light on and still needing an auxiliary battery. Exactly the way it came into the shop. Avoid this place like the plague. One star rating is more gracious than anyone that works there.


Worst treatment ever experience from sales

Did not buy from Big O because while I was at the bank having a certified check made out Big O sold the car to another buyer. They refused to hold the car with a deposit. On top of that they don’t honor the advertised price and the trade-in was $4K less than the cash buy-out we received from another dealership. My advice is go anywhere else. Terrible dealer.


Go see Eric O.

Eric O. was amazing at helping my wife and I get the car she always wanted. He was so positive and helpful! He helped with everything we needed and was honest up front! The finance department was also just as amazing and fast at getting everything done! Best car buying experience we have had! I will definitely be back to get my next truck or car with Eric O. And the Big O Dodge team in Greenville SC!


85 days out of service and counting

The service department is incapable of fixing an ongoing coolant leak, and often has to do the same repair over again because it didn't get done correctly the first time. They replaced the water pump in March 2019, then again in June 2019 They replaced the turbo bypass hose in July 2020, then again in August 2020 due to faulty installation. My truck has been to Big O Dodge a total of 7 times for this coolant problem, resulting in 33 days out of service. Now, my truck has been inoperable since 10/1/2020 due to a failed (warrantied) part that will not be available until at least December I'm currently at 48 days without my truck, and without a comparable loaner, for a vehicle that's still under an FCA extended warranty. Big O's response: "If you need the vehicle sooner, you will need to open a case with FCA" Seriously... why wouldn't you step up and open the case for me, and be the point of contact with FCA? After a couple of weeks into the downtime, I inquired about just trading the truck in and was told by a Big O salesman: "With it being a eco diesel nobody will want to touch it, esp a ram dealer. I would give carmax a swing to see what they will buy it for." IMO, when the sales guys turn away a repeat customer and tell him to go to another dealership, that speaks volumes.


Never Again

Never again will I take my vehicle to this dealer for a repair. The service advisor was rude to me from the moment I pulled in. I left messages for management to return my call and they never did. I have a following of over 35k on Instagram and Facebook and will be sure to let everyone know to not go to this dealership. One family member has already purchased a vehicle from a competitor because of my experience. So please beware!!!!


Dodge journey

First time ever buying a brand new car!! I couldn't be more pleased with the salesman Hunter Smith!! He worked fast and good deal on my 2018 dodge journey!! Go see Hunter if you want a great salesman


Misleading internet pricing.

They quote one price on the internet then once you arrive at the dealership the tell you that all discounts do not apply you. Then they tell you that some of the upgrades were not added and they raise the internet price by a few thousand dollars. False advertising at its best. Then they get upset when you challenge them for a lower price.


HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to buy a car. Signed papers. Thought it was mine. Then a week later they asked for tax returns. I didn’t have any so I had to return the car. xxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!! xxxx them they are no good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not go there. I warned you!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let someone take the car off the lot until the deal is DONE 100% Mabye they will learn... NOT!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CROOKS!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!


I will never use this dealership again!

This is the worst Jeep dealership. I have tried on multiple occasions to schedule a service apt. for a recall and they are 3-4 weeks out. I will never use them again. It has been the worst dealership I have ever had to deal with.

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