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Retracting my poor review

I originally did not write a favorable review.. I am retracting my opinion of CarKing. Yes,Brian was a great salesperson and very polite. We love our vehicle. I was upset because the hatch didn't open,I felt I trusted Brian,and he was deceptive. Austin the manager reached put to me after reading my review. He wanted me to bring the vehicle in to see what they could do to help. It was my ignorance not knowing I had to click on the remote lock twice,to unlock the hatch..🤦‍♀️ My review was based more on a bad moment and frustration. Thank you Austin for reaching out and simply smiling as you clicked the remote I highly recommend CarKing and I apologize to Brian for saying he deceived me..he certainly did not he represented CarKing in a very professional manner.


Bought a lemon

bought a 2006 mini late last year. Was told it was in an accident where it had been rear-ended but the damage was to the front. The abs-ecu vin numbers didn't match, the radiator is hanging on by one small plastic component. It was $6000 and it is going to cost thousands to repair. Yes it was bought as is but there is lots here that doesn't seem to add up.



I went to this dealership with a loan approval, they said they did not like the lender. I was told they had better contacts. I was in a jam and could not do my own loan shopping due to recent buyback, loan remained on my credit for another few weeks. I submitted necessary info, my fico 688 with perfect payment history. The first cars I asked about were unavailable due to a "deposit" hold, they are still there after a month. I was steered into a deep subprime loan...stupid yes but they're tricky. Heights finance is their preferred lender. My approval prior was around 12.5%. I'm so I had been without a car for 3 wks bcz I sold my Lexus. They advertised the chosen car at 8999.00. When my "approval" came thru, I was told to come get my car. No interest rate disclosure. They had me take my new to me car and get their check myself lol. My 2000.00 down payment went into the abyss and listed as a discount. Guess what? 39%APR. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. TAKE CASH. DO NOT finance there!!! My New Year will be spent filing complaints. Great.

Dealer response

We are very sorry you feel this way about your experience. The lender you came to us with is not a lender we have a dealer agreement with, thus we could not use them. Unfortunately due to the buyback loan on your credit Heights Finance was the only lender we work with willing to give you a shot. We have many customers that come to us with their own financing though their preferred lender. The finance company and our dealership are very clear on all forms and give very clear answers to all questions asked if there is confusion. No customer is obligated to accept any finance terms they are unhappy with. In fact we often have customers that get approved but want to wait to move forward until they can build their credit up and qualify for lower rates. Many of our customers have excellent credit and qualify for rates under 5% through various credit unions we use as well. As far as the $2000 discount, that is the difference form the Dealer retail price of $10,999 down to $8,999. Your down payment is reflected at the bottom of the contract under Cash Down Payment. We have reached out to you regarding this but please feel free to contact us so we can give any necessary explanation.


Don't buy a car from Car King

I bought a used car from Car King and a week later I had to have it towed to a auto repair shop. I called Austin the service manager and he was totally unwilling to work with me. Don't buy a car from there unless you know a good mechanic.

Dealer response

Hello Carol, we were absolutely willing to help with your repair even though our vehicles are sold as is. Your main concern was a tow. Unfortunately we do not have a towing service. During the process of us trying to assist you, you had hung up on us


Do not buy a car from car king

Do not buy a car from Car King. They do not service cars before they sell them. They seem to have agreements with the local dealerships around highway 100. When you bring your car in to a local dealership that you want to buy to be checked out. The dealership only find minor leaks and did not find the major mechanical issues. I have purchased 2 vehicles from Car king and both times in less than one month of perchasing the vehicals, I had to dump thousands of dollars into them. The only way for me to get these vehicles fixed at a reasonable price was to go through their mechanic shops. The 1st vehicle I purchased I had to take back to the dealership to have it re repaired. The 2nd vehicle I took it to their mechanic shop and the shop only accepted cash in which I had a dump $3700 into the vehicle. The car still runs rough. So I will be putting more money into it as I will now take it to the Dealership to be repaired. Do not trust their warranty. As it's only good after you've made your 1st payment any issues found on the vehicle before you make your 1st payment falls on you to repair. Again I say do not buy a vehical from Car King!



Sheisters. First of all tried to charge me $1000 more than the online price for an Altima. Then after I buy it it went through a quart of oil a week, so I take it to my mechanic and he says theirs a crack in the head gasket- which I would never notice from just looking under the hood- which Car Queen probably knew before listing it for sale. So when I call them to inform them of the issue within a month of buying it they said they'd replace essentially the engine with a used one for over 2 grand. I never leave reviews and would never write a fake review, but I did for that purchase and they responded with "we never sold you a vehicle"- and the obvious answer to that was because it was purchased in my mom's name. Long story short - no way this trash dealership should have 4.1 stars, their no better than Car Planet on Capitol who has 1.4 stars. Call me yourself Car Queen if you have any response to my review, I'll give you my number.

Dealer response

Hi Marcus, this sounds like quite a horrible situation. I have checked our old reviews and checked with each of our salesman and I cannot find any record of this situation. I am more than happy to talk to you about this situation as I really am not sure what to say without knowing more about what your talking about. I would give you call but you did not leave your number. My name is Austin and I am in the office almost every day. Please either stop in so I can talk to you about this, or please give me a call at 414-453-9922.



Misleading and shady ethics! Car I was initially called about was said to be “sold”; test drove a different unit that had faulty calipers and was bearly drivable; they claimed they would get into shop but then sold as is to someone else (wonder if buyers guide disclosed issues Bc it clearly didn’t initially); then initial unit didn’t get sold and they decide to kick up price another 20% and played dumb when I discovered and NEVER offered to honor the price that REMAINED on their website the day I inquired…clearly they are not actually conpleting the required buyers guide mandated and are not consumer centric…

Dealer response

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear of any confusion, it is never our intent to mislead a customers. We are very transparent with any known issues on the wisconsin buyers guide. Unfortunately vehicles can have an issue arise while on the lot, which we will rectify as soon as we can. With the current used car market, vehicle prices are constantly changing. We are not only adjusting our prices to stay competitive, but also to stay afloat during this pandemic. Please contact us with any questions!


Bad deal

So I was looking to buy a car for my daughter we found one and after we took it for a test drive where asked them to charge the air because it wasn’t cooling and he said that they couldn’t do that there I would have to take it somewhere so I did and I found out that it was the condenser that was wrong with it after I purchased the car and that it was also in an accident which the Carfax thing says it’s never had any accidents so there are a bunch of liars there I would never buy another vehicle from them again they don’t honor anything that they say they do it was a terrible experience and now I’m out $1000 because of the car that I had to get fixed instead of them fixing it for us I think it’s bull

Dealer response

Hello Erin, I am sorry to hear of your displeasure with the situation. Unfortuantely we do not always have the time to get a/c checked as our shops are most times overwhelmed with the saftey and mechanical concerns. In cases like this we often price the vehicle cheaper to accomodate having this issue. We do not mislead customers or lie to them, we simply put it that the a/c does not work, and we are unsure of the exact issue. Majority of the time the repair ends up being a simple free-on charge, but in some cases an a/c compressor or condenser has failed and requires replacement or repair. We cannot control what accidents get reported on an AutoCheck or a Carfax. We are not going to tell you a vehicle has been in an accident if those reporting agencies say it has not. Both AutoCheck and Carfax are the most reputable compaies in the vehicle history field. If you have proof there is a reported accident on a vehicle that is not being shown on a history report, that is no fault of ours and I would recommend contacting one of those agencies.


Great Service Working with Brian and Austin!

Brian and Austin always treat me and my family good - they are knowledgable and they stand behind the quality of their cars. They treat everyone fair and everyone that I recommend to them is satisfied with their car purchase.


Sold with broken brake line and wouldn’t cover it.

Just bought an 04 Yukon XL two weeks ago. On the test drive I noticed that it didn’t have as much braking power as I would expect and I had to push the pedal pretty far to get any braking power. I checked the pads and noticed that the were pretty close to being completely worn out. I mentioned this and the absence of a parking brake to Austin, and he was (reluctantly) willing to drop the price by $200. When I asked about crash history, they said it had none. LIE! It had to have most of the driver’s side replaced in 07 due to a crash. Loaded up my three kids and hit the road with my wife following us. On the way home we noticed white smoke coming from the middle of the undercarriage (which turned out to be brake fluid hitting the exhaust pipe in large amounts). We also noticed three unfilled chips in the windshield, each with cracks radiating from them. Next day I’m driving to work at night when the DASH GOES DARK! This is an intermittent issue with it flashing on and off at will. Fast forward a few days and I lose all braking power while on the interstate. Come to find out there are two large leaks in the brake lines where they had rusted through, and I had just drained the fluid reservoir, allowing air into the lines! When contacted, they said I needed to bring the car back so they could inspect it. I sent pics of the rusted lines and the puddle under the truck (I had refilled the reservoir). They said they would look at it to determine IF this was something that was missed on inspection, but I had to pay the more than $500 to tow it the almost two hours back to them! They weren’t willing to fix the windshield, bad electrical in the dash or power locks that didn’t work consistently to help offset the cost of the towing. When I said I wanted to bring it back for a refund after being run around for a week they said they couldn’t take it back. Long story short, they sold me an unroadworthy death trap! I wouldn’t buy a used hammer from them! Lying xxxxxxxx!

Dealer response

Eric, we are very sorry for the issues you are having with your vehicle. Our records show you frist contacted us 1 week after purchase. We did discount for a deficiency in the brakes at the time of sale that you agreed to. We cannot control where a vehicle has a issue that causes a break down of any sort. We agreed to take a look at the lines after you had called and explained the issues you were having. On the phone you told Austin it would be about $200 for a tow to our dealership, and your main concern was that you would have to tow it home as well because we could not guarantee any repair until we looked at the vehicle. We have no way to know what kind of condition the brake lines are in until we physically have one of our trusted shops diagnose the issues you have described. In terms of the accident, we have an AutoCheck available for our customers to review on every one of our vehicles. Austin would not lie about accidents or any other matter, and nor would any of our dealership employees. In reference to the locks you have stated are working intermittently, you have mentioned multiple times that they worked great at time of purchase and have began to work less with use. We have no way to test when a lock actuator or switch will give out or begin to fail. You have mentioned there are 3 crackes in the windshield, but during our final inspection we noted that the winshield did not have any crackes in it. Also this is something you never mentioned to any of the staff while at the dealership. We sell these vehicles AS IS and have been more than willing to work with you trough this process. We are sorry you do not feel this way.

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