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This seller has been on since January 2023.
From the minute you step inside our showroom our professional staff will focus on your priorities and preferences so we can suggest the right car for your individual needs. We're aware that the car-buying experience isn't always pleasant but our sales staff is committed to providing you with a respectful and stress-free day of test-drives.
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(1,145 reviews)

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I have purchased from Carl black in the past having a

I have purchased from Carl black in the past having a good experience 2017. 5/28/23 was a different deal. I went to view a 2023 Camaro ss I was greeted by a salesperson Brian Mobley. He asked how he could help I asked him to evaluate my trade. The offer was complete insulting, Brian could not give me any info on financing rates only I would have to apply for financing online to find out! …. What? He called me back and asked what would it take to get me in the car. I mentioned doing better on my trade. He replied he would get back to me. He never did. I texted and emailed multiple times with no response. It’s like they don’t want to seek you a car. Carl black ain’t what it use to be. Sad I would give no stars if I could.


Missing chips will be here soon, not

They lied about the type of chips that were missing. Biggest mistsake I ever made. Wife is driving around in a vehicle less safe than the 2016 Denali we traded. Never again!



Service was friendly, thorough explanation given of service costs and completed in a timely manner. Great experience!


I only needed free-on for my air conditioner and they tried to sell me over 900 dollars worth of extras. For instance changing transmission fluid with only 59K miles.


I will not be buying from Carl Black again.

I will not be buying from Carl Black again. I called around to multiple dealerships to ask if they had a "mandatory" dealer additional cost over MSRP, Carl Black told me no they didn't. On Jan 4 2022 I went into the dealership to place an order for a Chevrolet Suburban Z71 with the 6.2 V8. I had met with theor top salesman, Alex. I again asked if there was a mandatory dealer add over MSRP, was told no once again. We shook hands and placed the order for the vehicle. (After I left, I communicated I wanted a sunroof, we had to order a 2nd because the first didn't have a sunroof, this is relative to a later issue) 2 months later, the vehicle arrives, we go to do all the paperwork and there is the mandatory fee of $3xxx. Alex tells me we will work it off when we trade this Suburban in on the next one with the sunroof (this was at the height of used vehicle prices, they would mark it up and sell at a high price very quickly. The sunroof would still be $1500 or maybe free depending on the trade value at the time). I kept asking about the replacement Suburban, month after month they said any day. Finally was told it was "cancelled" by Chevrolet and we could try to reorder for the next year's model. The vehicle base price had increased $1500 and the used market calmed down, I would end up losing on it in the end. I elected to keep the Suburban, it just got a new engine at 28,400 miles. I should have waited and found a dealer anywhere else to get it at MSRP rather than pay the premium to a dealer 45 mins away from my house.


Not satisfied

they low balled my trade and high balled the new vehicle. There was damage from shipping which they didn?t make know the extent of it. The should have depreciated the vehicle a little bit.


Service Dept is absolutely terrible!

Service Dept is absolutely terrible! Bad attitudes, SUPER long wait times, and shoddy work. brought to general manager’s attention… he gave me his business card and said “if I can help, call my cell phone”. No thanks! Purchased several vehicles here and always brought them in to this service dept… but NEVER again!


A satisfied, customer

This is one of the easiest car buying experiences that I?ve had.


No one will respond to my internet request.

No one will respond to my internet request. I finally had to call. They won't give me prelim numbers on a new vehicle that I want to trade in and I'm 3 hours away so they want me to bring it in and stand around while they low ball me. The woman at the dealership didn't care and wasn't interested in me trying to purchase a new Tahoe. I cannot see the window sticker on the car and she argued with me over a feature that is an OPTION telling me it is standard - uh, no. Terrible. Imagine if I have this much trouble trying to purchase a $66,000 vehicle what it will be like if I ever have an issue with it. So that's a negative for me.


This has got to be the worst dealing I’ve had with a

This has got to be the worst dealing I’ve had with a dealership in a while. They lie about working deals over the phone, when their website clearly states they will deliver to you. I even agreed to the price, not asking for a discount or anything. They force you to come all the way there just to mark the vehicle up and tack on miscellaneous things. I’m 3 hours away and don’t want my time wasted. I agreed to go there to pick it up, I just wanted some hypothetical numbers. Not blue sky. Then the blame it on GM saying they force them to do all these things, but say they aren’t going to do them. Clair and Krystal told me that verbatim, which is the internet sales department

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