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(95 reviews)

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Buying a used car

Friendly, and helpful people. Trent went out of his way, to help me, and keep me informed. Hopper gave me a very good deal on my trade in. VIP treatment. I would buy from them, again.


Not Recommended

Was looking to buy a used vehicle from Hopper but when we arrived the car salesmen were just hanging out on the bench. Had to ask them if they worked there and to show us a certain jeep we came to look at. They had us follow them around to “look” for the vehicle. After 30 minutes of looking, he then proceeded to tell me the vehicle was being driven by the owners daughter and was taken the night before. Then he offered another vehicle with lower miles for the same price. I said “yes I’d like to see it. It then took him another 30 minutes to find the other Jeep he offered. When he finally found it, it was in the shop getting a lift kit and new tires so he said “it’s actually going to be an extra 4,000 if you want that one”. Anyway moral of the story very unprofessional, and unorganized. Definitely Would NOT recommend!!


Fantastic experience.

Even in these trying times they made the whole experience easy and painless. From our sales agent Trent to the financial guru Brian, everyone was friendly and helpful. They are 96 miles from us and I would not hesitate to make the trip again if they have something I want. We'll worth the trip.


Worst internet/phone inquiry ever

So we inquired about a trading in and buying a truck.. first of the guy acted like he didn't have time for me. Then when he found the time the didn't want to work with me nothing... Guess we wasn't high class enough for this dealership....

Dealer response

As we discussed in our conversation, we deeply apologize for your experience. We have since spoke to the salesperson to ensure this will not happen again. We do appreciate your mention of trying us again on your next vehicle purchase! We look forward to helping you then!


Excellent service

We bought 2 pick-ups from Hopper. Both are in great condition. The sales staff is polite and knowledgeable. As we search for a 3rd vehicle this month, we are in contact with our sales person. GREAT dealership!


Unfortunate experience buying sight unseen

Although my experience has fortunately (apparently) been contrary to most, I do need to share. I bought a car remotely, sight-unseen. I have bought nearly a dozen this way over the last 15 years, and taken my chances. And of course, buying sight-unseen comes with risk, so I generally restrict myself to vehicles from main dealers or reputable used car shops like this one, and ask a series of questions that should cover typical wear issues and, where relevant, typical pattern failures for the particular car I'm interested in. The car I received had a number of problems that were not shared beforehand. Most of them were minor, but one related to a system I had specifically asked about - reproducing the error would have only required driving the car from one side of the lot to the other. The car also has a cheap aftermarket exhaust, which, in effect, has ruined the experience of driving it. Of course for high-end German cars restoring the OEM exhaust will cost thousands. I contacted the salesperson, who took 3 days to reply. I told him clearly that the car was used and had no warranty and I do not expect any such thing, but given how far out of conformity with "normal" condition the car is - especially given that it has crummy aftermarket exhaust and that what clearly constitutes a "major modification" was not shared with me before the purchase, would they be willing to help me make it whole, or buy the car back? I would pay for return shipping. He stated that it was as stated. In effect, too bad. I asked if he had discussed it with management and if so, is the formal answer to my request to help me make it right, or take the car back, is "no". I have received no reply. It's a shame, for three reasons. First, I gave them every opportunity to talk with me and reach a reasonable agreement we could both accept. Second, this is a clear breach of trust, and trust is the currency of credibility in this market - if you're selling a car online, you can't sell a high-end luxury sedan that shows up on the buyer's curb sounding like a teenager just spent his last paycheck from the fast food joint and used thermal tape to attach a $50 fart can to sawed-off tailpipe on a '91 Honda Civic. That kind of obvious major mechanical modification may or may not be legally required to be reported, but it's a pretty intentional omission to a buyer who hasn't seen the car but is trusting you on the basis of reputation to send a car that is "whole". Third, and probably worst of all, is that there will never be an easier buyer than me. There were a handful of other pretty obvious problems I found immediately. I've already sorted out half of them. The rest, a few hundred bucks and a few weekends and I'll fix them. Yes, I do all of my own work. And I'm both willing and able (and even interested) in finding a creative solution. If they bought parts for me, I'd install them myself. I'd accept a used exhaust. My demands aren't unreasonable and I'M A CAR GUY - I do all of my work myself - I collect cars - and STILL, the dealership's response is to decline and then eventually just ignore and disown the problem. I'm even willing to put a few thousand into this - either to sort it out (normal sorting-out costs) or just getting the car back to them to dispose of as they like. Caveat emptor. I shouldn't have trusted them, although in the dozen give or take online car purchases to date I have never had something so egregious "slip through". I'm willing to take partial blame for assigning more trust than was deserved, and to pay part of the cost of making it right. But the dealership has simply chosen not to respond at all, much less respond correctly. This is unfortunate. The lesson here is, you will need to see and drive Hopper Motorplex's car yourself. Unfortunately this car's sales team cannot be trusted to share pretty obvious things. Consider the distinct possibility that a car you buy online arrives with some undisclosed problem or modification.


They were very helpful

They contacted me immediately. They worked with me to find the best financial optionions. And although the car I wanted sold before I could purchase it, they kept in contact with me while they searched for another car.


A Decent Truck at a Decent Price?

I made an agreement for the price and to purchase over the truck site unseen with the general manager. I put a deposit down on the truck and the salesman told me he would mark the truck as sold on Friday. I told the general manager I would not be able to pick up the truck until the following Monday to Tuesday and he agreed. I went to check the truck out Monday afternoon it looked fine but we agreed the sale would wait and be finalized the next day Tuesday after I had a 3rd party inspect the truck. Later Monday afternoon I got a few texts from the salesperson Saying There's another guy here wanting to sell this truck. He is taking pics right now for a customer coming out of Oklahoma. His customer said he could be here this evening. I need to know if you're moving forward with the purchase. I said Yes I am moving forward The salesman texted What time today can you be here to finalize this deal? I replied The GM told me as long as we completed the deal by Monday or Tuesday we were good His reply was Yes that's is correct when you were trying to find the tittle to your Honda and driving down from Lubbock. But you're here now and have seen the truck. We need to finish and finalize this deal today. We will not hold it any longer. After a call from the general manager went back to the original agreement to pick up the truck on Tuesday. I'm not sure if the salesman and the GM were on the same page or not if they were working together to complete the deal Monday afternoon after I left the dealership and agreed to come back on Tuesday. But it seemed to me they were trying to backtrack on our original agreement. When it came time to sign the papers I questioned the woman doing paperwork what the $327 charge was. She told me that that was the cost of doing business with Mr Hooper. The salesman over hear the conversation said it was to cover the cost of the 2 oil changes and the 1 time rotation of the tires. The next day I texted the salesman Saying I wish you would have explained to me what the 327.00 dollar charge was When you told us about the oil changes I thought they were free you didn't say we were being charged 327 dollars for something we could use. So basically the truck cost 29327 and not 29000 Then he changed his story and texted this The oil changes are free. The $327 is part of our reconditioning cost and 60 points inspection. Bottom Line I got a decent truck at a decent price but paid 327 dollars more than I thought I was paying and the salesman tried backtracked on our original agreement and wanted to finish the transaction a day before we agreed. I'm giving this a 3 start rating I urge future buyers to ask more questions about the charges on the paperwork.


Great service

Quick service, friendly and did exactly what they said they would. No surprises. Every time I take my two cars in I get the same quality service. Thanks!

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing your feedback! It is very important to our dealership that we earn the trust of our guests by following through with our promises and providing hassle-free service. Sincerely, Jim Selaiden, General Manager j.selaiden@hoppermotorplex.com


Quick shipping and trunaround

Parts came in quickly and same day turnaround on the Jeep. Was happy with service and pricing. (for 4X4 works)

Dealer response

We appreciate you for taking the time to leave our dealership this great feedback. It helps us to know that we are meeting the needs of our customers. If there is anything else that we can do to help you with regards to your vehicle, please feel free to let us know. Best, Jim Selaiden, General Manager j.selaiden@hoppermotorplex.com