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This seller has been on since November 2020.
AGN Auto Gallery offers the highest quality and certified pre-owned Mercedes BMW Lexus Infiniti Nissan Honda and attractive domestic cars at the most competitive prices.
We provide financing for every credit situation Good credit Bad credit and No credit including Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH).
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
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(47 reviews)

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Purchased a BMW 328i convertible...I’ve been looking for this vehicle for a while. I spoke with Andrew over the phone on a Thursday he was very straight forward and very detailed in describing the vehicle. We set an appointment for Saturday I drove it, liked it and we closed the deal!! Everything he described about the car was spot on. There was an issue with the radio Amplifier and he made sure it was repaired before delivery..I will be purchasing again from Andrew. I highly recommend AGN!


Dr Know-it-all

My wife and I brought her mother to look for an SUV. We stopped at AGN auto to look at 2 vehicles that she might like. Nobody came out to see us, so I went into the office and found an empty building with just Dr. Andrew Nalecz sitting in his office. His first words weren't hello but a stern I'll be with you in a minute. When he came out, the first car wouldn't start - the battery was dead. He was very confrontational. He told us more than once that "i am an engineer" and "I don't like to be social". He asked if we could afford it before letting us test drive it - no, I am going to have my 70yr old mother-in-law test drive something she can't afford (we had our own financing lined up). When my wife asked him about a carfax his statement was that they aren't worth the paper they are printed on (or something along those lines) and that he has 2 inspections done on each vehicle. At this point, I was ready to leave so I asked him if the inspection caught the dead battery on that 1st vehicle or the bald tire (only 1 bald tire in the rear of a fwd vehicle is odd - if it was rotated, then there is a front alignment issue that should be caught). His response is that he can replace the tire but it will increase the price. On the 2 vehicles we looked at, both had extremely warn tires and he was going to sell it like that unless we paid more to have new tires. This guy is right, he isn't a sales person - no clue why you do this then! He kept claiming he is this automotive expert and very likely he is...but I am not here to stroke your ego, just to buy a car. Even the dealer's website has an 'about us' page that goes on and on about his expertise in automotive engineering. This doesn't mean that he sells good cars, only that when he said he isn't a salesman, he was right. He was a condescending jerk.


Horrible bedside manner

Just dropped in to look at a 335i. Andrew was horribly rude immediately and did not like that I would not be financing. Bad guy.


2013 BMW

Purchased a 2013 BMW from AGN Auto Gallery In Roswell Ga. We were treated with exceptional professional service and very informed of every step during the process straight forward!. If you want a great experience and get a good used car you need to shop here!! We came all the way from Augusta Ga., to purchase our car with this dealership. We love our BMW! I left there feeling very satisfied, and pleased. I will purchase my next vehicle here. Now go and buy a car!!


Worst car dealership ever! Stay far away!

We bought a 2006 BMW X3 for AGN. Worst mistake of our lives. Dr. Wonderful or whatever he calls himself kept calling harassing us about the car and insurance (our mistake) Telling my husband he was going to have him arrested. Then he up and took the car back. Then months later we get a thing from the tag office saying something about the car, so I called. The idiot still has the car in my husband’s name! If someone on a test drive crashes, we are on the hook not him! Beware of this Bozo!



I was looking for a cash car and called them about a 2003 Nissan Murano that they advertised on and the person who answered the phone denied that they advertised and that the car was theirs and said if had it on their site as one belonging to them it was problem not theirs and then started to ask me questions about money and would not answer any of my questions.


Fantastic car and Great Service!

Dr. Nalecz, You are a good man and you sell nothing but good, quality luxury cars. You have an impeccable reputation and a great knowledge of luxury automobiles and the automobile industry. I am thoroughly enjoying my BMW 330i. It looks and drives like a new car. I receive nothing but compliments on it from my friends and colleagues. I will definitely look you up for my next car purchase and I recommend you to everyone I know. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, CD, Peachtree City, GA


Many Thanks Dr. Nalecz

Dear Dr. Nalecz, I wanted to let you know what a good experience my wife and I had in purchasing our pre-owned 2015 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 from AGN. Your knowledge about the attributes of the different makes and models was impressive, and allowed us to make an informed decision on which vehicle to purchase. Thank you, for the personal attention and time you spent with us while helping us decide on a vehicle. The time you spent explaining the options on our Mercedes, the procedure and time frame for obtaining the tag and title were greatly appreciated. All the documentation arrived exactly when and how you said it would. We are very happy with your help in choosing our Mercedes and love our car. You will most definitely be the first person we turn to when the time comes to purchase another vehicle. Thank you, T. M.S. - Gainesville, GA


wow being a jerk much

Must be some truth to the reviews that are negative. Seems to be the only ones the dealer responds to. Also comes off very combative and sensitive not a good combination for selling cars.


He is a criminal

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY Me and my girlfriend gave andrew 3500 down for a 2011 nissan maxima he stalked us every since we got the car from him i caught him numberous times sitting in the employee parking lot of my job watching me at work for hours at a time a few nights I was sitting in the car I watched him get dropped off by his family members and sneaky approach the car with spare keys had and every time he opened the door I was looking right at him he nervously started lying about the reason he was attempting to get in my car so whenever I came in to pay my first payment he took my money with ease when I woke up the next morning the car was gone when I went to dealership he falsly accused me of lying about where we lived he said because he knows where I was every 2 mins because he had been using GPS in car to follow us everywhere he took the car to his house he is a criminal and would not give me any of my Money back or the car and said that he would have all of my stuff out of the car in a few days and then threatened me that he would go to my job and try to get me fired from my job if I didn't leave the dealership then called the police on us he is a EXTREMELY RUDE PERSON AND A LIAR AND A THEFT THAT KNOWS HOW TO MAKE YOU SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND FIND A WAY HE CAN KEEP YOUR MONEY AND TAKE THE CAR BACK SO HE CAN RESALE TO SOMEBODY ELSE

Dealer response

YOU ARE CRIMINALS AND CROOKS, NOT US!!!! YOU PROVIDED FRODULENT INFORMATION ON THE FINANCE APPLICATION TO OBTAIN A LOAN FROM A FINANCE INSTITUTION, WHICH IS A FELONY PUNISHABLE BY UP TO 30 YEARS IMPRISONMENT AND $1 MILLION IN FINES. Here are the facts: 1. You didn't and don't live at the address you provided on finance application. You were always slipping in a car that we financed. 2. You do not work at the place you wrote on the application. In fact, you don't work at all as you admitted after we asked you. 3. You do not have income stated on the finance application. 4. You used the car to do Uber and/or Lift, which is for a work, and not for a personal use as the Financial Contract Allows. 5. You dropped the insurance coverage for the car we financed, and you drove this car over 8,000 miles in one month! Because of this severe lies and breach of Retail Installment/Finance Contract we issued a Repossession Order. Because you were slipping in a car, we had difficulties to repossess your car (which had to be done peacefully). Finally, after almost of one month you had to shower, I guess, so you rented a motel. That's when your car was repossessed. By GA law you are receiving a registered letter from us giving you a chance to get your car back within 10 days provided you satisfy the GA laws and conditions. If you follow the instructions, you can get your car back. We hope you do it!!! We don't want to keep this stinking car! Your baseless accusation of us as criminals will result in appropriate action by our corporate attorneys. GOOD LUCK CRIMINALS!!!

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