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About our dealership

This seller has been on Cars.com since September 2013.
We are a small Dealership that specializes in Cars Trucks Van and SUV in the $4000 to $7000 range
we have over 150 cars in inventory and all cars are sold with a warranty and Vehicle history report
we all so have a budget lot with cars as low as $1000.00 we take credit cards Check and cash
Financing Available For All
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(149 reviews)

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Great experience overall!

Went there to look at a Nissan Xterra I saw listed online. Tamara helped me. She was very friendly and hands-off. I never felt pressured in the least. The prices on all the cars seemed reasonable. When I said I wanted the car, the buying process started immediately and took maybe 30 minutes. Everyone was very friendly and happy to have me there, and I never got the feeling of being pressured into anything. Great experience overall, and I'm very happy with the car!


Bought a Death Trap

Bought a vehicle thinking everything was fine had a little shaking issue when test driving but my thought it might be tires or wheel alignment well I Was Wrong.. Bought the car for 2,500 took it to be inspected and the car has so many problems that I was told that I was basically waiting for a accident to happen and it wasnt safe to drive and I have children that I have to put in the car and all I was told they would fix it but I told them I didn't want the car or can I have my money back and the owner mike was very rude and didn't care what I was telling him -Lists of things wrong with the car Tires threads coming off (one rim is bad) Tire rod is rubbing against the tire so can cause blow out Muffler is leaking exhaust fluid (and rigged) Engine has antifreeze/oil at the bottom of it The gear shift was glued back together The mounts are broken The wheel barring is going bad The abs system has been cut Back tires brakes/rotors are rusted over (I have all the printed out for my own evidence)


Do Not buy from this dealership

Bought 2014 Chevy Cruze f92000 miles for $6800. It had been in a wreck in the front end. Everything seem to check out at a visual glance. Have had nothing but constant issues with it ever since we brought it home. Put over $2000 extra dollars to fix misc. coolant issues. After having the last diagnosis the radiator needed replaced cause it was clogged with head gasket solution. Engine is completed destroyed and out all the money invested in the car. Come to find out who ever fixed the car beat on it with a slug hammer until everything fit. Welded the front stabilizer bar back on with a couple joint welds. Mechanic said if my daughter ever got into a wreck the front end would just crumble. The fact this place doesn't have any concern for the safety of human life is ridiculous.


Car Emporium xxxx bags!!!!

Bought a 2007 Toyota Camry for $5000 with 160,000 miles they said what a great car it was and it will last over 300,000 miles seven months later after taking good care of it the engine is completely shot!!! Have a friend who bought a 2002 Honda accord from them with low miles for $3000 and it didn’t last five months this place sucks a complete rip off!!!!


:( :( :(

I wouldn't suggest looking at KC Used Car Emporium for a vehicle. Our salesperson, Fred, was super friendly and started out by telling us the car we were looking at first was needing some repairs and not for sale and he wouldn't sell it to us because it was unsafe and he wouldn't want to sell us an unsafe car. Ok sounds great. We test drove several cars that we picked out to drive. When we got back from our last test drive, Fred had pulled a Jeep around for us to try that we had not chosen. He had Carfax for it that looked fantastic. We end up buying it. The next morning it wouldn't start. We jumped it and took it in under the 30 day/1k mile warranty. They took it to their mechanic, Mike that they use (read more reviews on the mechanic if you've made it this far) who replaced the alternator. The next morning it doesn't start again. Ok. I'll go purchase a new battery. I never made it. The Jeep was going fine one minute on the highway and the next the temp gauge needle flies up to red and the Jeep starts steaming under the hood. I pull over, dead on the side of I35. I35, at night, raining, with my son in the backseat. All I can think about is that "unsafe" car Fred wouldn't let us look at and hoping we don't get hit. I called John (the boss I guess) who sent a tow for it and brought it back to Mike, their mechanic. Mike fixed the thermostat this time. When I went to pick it up....again, they told me Fred had driven it every day with no problems (unlikely with as many issues that it has), and that they had started it every day. Which makes me think they knew something was wrong and they didn't want it to not start when I showed up. Also Mike was unable to provide paperwork on either repair. I asked him to get that gathered up and sent to me which they did. One week into driving it this time I notice that several electrical issues are beginning to show. Wipers, lights, windows, all going haywire off and on. I called John (the boss I guess?????) And asked if he would buy the vehicle back. He was seemed hesitant to take ownership of any problem with having sold us a rotten vehicle and seemed to want to blame the mechanic, Mike, for all of it. He progressively got ruder and more inappropriate throughout that call. Currently I have been able to drive my car about 5 total days since I bought it several weeks ago. It is currently sitting at a Jeep dealership while they try to sort out what's wrong with this car. Anyway, this is my experience. I'm sure there are others. The most surprising part of the whole experience wasn't the car being a bust but instead how we were treated by John (the boss?)


New truck

I bought a 2007 chevy silverado and I love the truck . I have already have had many people who have seen it give me compliments on how nice it is and asked me where I got it from . Daniel hands down was a great sellsman and he mad multiple call to me to let me know what was going on with the process


Simple process

reading some reviews that seem unfair. At these price ranges, you get what you get. Dealership is up front with the warranty. Very happy with our purchase and experience.


Dishonest and Unhelpful

I had a really unfortunate experience at this place. My car was cheap, is what I was looking for, and I was very pleased with the purchase at first. They were able to take a little bit off the car, which I appreciated. I was very happy at first. I worked with a man who was friendly, not pushy, and didn't try to upsell the car. Then things got bad. First off, they NEVER SENT ME THE TITLE. It was supposed to be within 30 days. After that passed, I called in and decided to drive the 2 hours to just go get it, because they still hadn't sent it for some reason. Second, they never told me IT HAD A SALVAGE ENGINE. I found this out after I purchased it. Now, the Carfax records I asked for showing the maintenance of the car are completely irrelevant. I called in three times over the course of a week asking for them to please send me the invoice alongside the title that would show the mileage of the salvage engine. The manager said they would email it to me and then never got back to me again. I submitted a contact request on their website, still no response. (I eventually insisted on getting it when I drove in to get the title). Third, even though they said the car had been thoroughly inspected (I even asked for a full inspection, not just a state inspection, which I'm sure at this point they never did), I found out later it was MISSING A LUGNUT in one of the wheel wells, which could have caused the wheel to come off. Additionally, I just found out they NEVER REPLACED THE COMPLETELY WORN OUT BRAKE PADS before selling the car, and so two months after purchasing the car, I need to replace those as well. This place does not care about the concerns of its customers during a large purchase. It does not care about the longevity of the car. They are unresponsive, unhelpful, and dishonest.


do not buy car here

Do not buy car from here. I only had my car for 3 moths and had to put over 1200 into it. if your car breaks down for any reason after 30 days they will not help you fix it. But when you are there looking at cars their sales sure do make you feel like they will. Its a joke and i regret every even going here.



I saw a car online and stopped to check it out. Not only was it not there, the car I was looking for had a salvage title. It stayed it was a clean title online. I wasted 2 hours driving out to look for a car that wasn’t even there. They get you there and try to sell you something else!

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