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BUYERS BEWARE, Chris B. Polson Auto deceived me!!

On April 4, 2020 I purchased a 2008 Toyota FJ. I am a 75 year old, Vietnam Combat Veteran, disabled. I responded to their internet ad, and explained that I'd fly in and drive 500 miles home. Mr. Storey assured me that this was the "finest, no excuses" Fj on the market. Because Mr. Polson (the owner, bought only the BEST Toyota's. However, when I got there, the FJ had a broken windshield. But, they promised to replace it as soon as I got home. On April 8, 2020 every engine warning light came on!! I called Mr. Andrew Simpson, finance manager, and he assured me that they would take care of it. I took the Fj to a local reputable NAPA certified shop, who diagnosed the engine with MAJOR problems. Mr. Simpson called the shop manager and ask for internal engine pictures, and the diagnoses. Which was a code POO16, sludge from degraded oil had severely damaged the timing chain and ruined the engine. Which was provided to him. After 60 days of excuses from Mr. Simpson, he quit returning my calls. I file a complaint with the STATE of SOUTH CAROLINA, Department of Motor Vehicles, Dealer License and AUDIT UNIT. They sent an Agent Inspector to investigate my claim. They were sighted for not providing a title in a timely manner and suggested that they replace my windshield, soon! Had they not intervened I'd probably never got a new windshield. During this time period I was writing letters to the owner Mr. Chris B. Polson, who NEVER responded, not even when sent Certified. I then contacted Mr. Polson's BONDING CO. and called the local Police! I purchased a 50,000 mile Toyota crate engine from Japan. Total cost to pull the old engine and transmission, and install was about $7,000.00. Next I filed a complaint with the Magistrate Court and was granted a court date for January 2021! After the fact, I researched the internet and found numerous review complaints against Chris Polson Auto, Columbia, SC. NOTE: I understand that the FJ was sold "as is". However, I believe that Mr. Polson being a Toyota expert, should have known that the FJ engine had issues. In fact, the oil level was 1/2 quart over filled. Mr. Polson's own written words, on his internet site, "REST ASSURED YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT ABOUT THE QUALITY OF OUR VEHICLES"!! Yet, he would not even talk to me?! About a truck that he sold to me, that barely made it back to Florida. Any honorable business person, would have given me the courtesy, of a letter or call and worked out a solution for both of us. Vietnam Combat Veteran '66-'67, 1St Air Cav, 1/21 Artillary.


Horrible customer service

The vehicle I purchased from Chis Polson Automotive was/is in excellent condition. There were minor cosmetic damages to the vehicle that were not conveyed in the photos - such as a cracked dashboard. However, upon my complaint - they provided a dash cover. Upon arriving home, my driver side door handle promptly popped off the door; and while the vehicle was advertised as having 5 DVD players, only 3 work. The vehicle was advertised as having never been smoked in. My sister and I both immediately detected cigarette smoke upon the salesman opening up the vehicle which he denied - and continued to deny, even after we drove it for an hour. It wasn't a "smoked in" vehicle, but someone had obviously smoked in it. The salesman and manager were both unprofessional and rude. The manager was yelling at employees, interrupting their conversations with customers, and very loudly conducting business so that it extremely disruptive and rude. I had to call their office SEVEN times to find out if they had sent my title to the DMV. No one would return my calls or check on the status of the title. While I am over all very pleased with my vehicle and glad I have it, I found the customer service horrendous and various items misrepresented and disguised or undisclosed. I will not be purchasing another vehicle from this dealership due to the management and employees and they way they conduct business.


Cannot be trusted

I traded my car there in mid Feb 2020. Started getting collection calls last month on the car I traded in. I told them I traded the car and they said they were never paid off. After multiple calls and even a personal visit to the dealership I was told they had a cancelled check to prove they paid it off. I said great, give me a copy so I can contact the bank and prove it to them. Runaround after runaround, excuse after excuse, I still have no proof they paid my car off other than they say they did. I would avoid these people and their lot.


Great experience

Great experience. Salesmen (we worked with Joe) not pushy at all, which is big for us. Was kept informed so we could make the best decision for our family through the entire process.


Chris Polson Automotive

Our son teaches Automotive Technology at Lexington Career Center, so we had him go to Chris Polson Automotive to check out the Camry. After checking it thoroughly and test driving it, he texted us that we should buy it. He had made an appointment with the salesman for 2 pm today for us to see the car. Since we decided right away that we would buy it, I texted (because they gave no e-mail address)Chris Polson Automotive on their website that we would be there at 2 pm and would buy the car. Someone named "Robert" texted back asking what he could help us with, despite my text having made it clear that we would be there at a 2 pm to buy the car. So we texted him back and had to tell him twice that we would be there at 2 pm because that was our appointment time. He texted us that he would have the car washed and ready to go and told us the total price was $13,307 and included tax, tags, and title. Then "Robert" called me on our landline at 10:01 am this morning. I told him we would be there at 2 pm. He asked if I knew the total price and I told him we had been quoted $13,307 last night. He said that sounded about right (although he was the one that gave us the price last night). I had to tell him 3 times that we would be there at 2 pm. He asked if we needed financing and I told him we would pay in full. We drove 40 minutes to get there, only to be told by "Robert" that the car had been sold 45 minutes ago. He said he had called us and got no answer. My phone said the call was received at 1:30 pm. We had already left by then.


Ms.Glenda Covington

The Salesman was very nice to me. And we talked about the car and Everything, I am going to buy that car.



Salesmen were extra nice. They truly care for their customers. They will find a way to get you financed. :)

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