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Good honest people I drove from Montgomery Al to .

I brought a Mercury Marquis 2008 from Knox automotive in 2019 drove it all the way from Raleigh North Carolina to Montgomery Alabama it has 159,000 miles on it today it has 225,000 miles on it they did a great job


Highly Recommended!

I worked with Shelton and Taylor to purchase a Suburban from Knox Auto Sales. They are honest, upfront, and provided excellent service with zero pressure. Could not be happier with the transaction. I highly recommend Knox!


Worst Car I have ever purchased

Every since this car was purchased. I've had some many problems. The car has been in the shop more than the road.


Great Place.

I had seen the inventory of this dealership on every car website I looked at and decided I should give it a try. I worked with Christian to find my car and he was kind, honest, and attentive. He helped me find a car very quickly and worked with me to get the best price. I would highly recommend Knox Auto Sales to anyone looking for a reliable used car. Very happy with my service.


Fair market price & great customer service

Bought a Honda Civic @ Knox. Sales person made the purchase transaction easy and answered questions to our satisfaction. Great customer service!


Great and honest place

After doing extensive research for months and visiting countless dealers over the same amount of time, I have found Knox Auto Sales to be not only the most reasonably priced dealer, but also the most honest. We were told everything about every car that we looked and found those things to be very true. I was able to get a great car for a great price. It was well worth the trip. My only regret is not going to Knox Auto Sales months ago.


Run Far, Run Fast!

I filled out Knox Auto's trade in form online and was called the next day telling me to bring my car in for them to see and they would work out something with me on a Jeep I was eyeing. So I go to these guys with my low milage well kept Trans Am that has a few minor cosmetic flaws and a check engine light. They seemed very nice at first, and seemed very interested in my car, although offering me $500-$1000 less in trade than the other area dealers I had been to that day. They did however have the Jeep I wanted at a nice price so I was fine with the lowball offer. I was even fine with the fact that their Jeep has major suspension issues that are obvious (but they claimed they could not hear at and a few other issues that needed addressing. I didnt even TRY to get a better price out of them. So it was late, and they wanted to check the check engine light code to make sure it wasnt something major and asked me to come back the next day and we'd do the deal. So I call them up the next morning with the engine code (and it is a VERY inexpensive and minor issue I gladly wouldve paid for to get it taken care of before trading them the car) and they tell me they just arent interested anymore since they had a chance to think on it, and that all the time I spent there forming a deal with them was a giant waste of time for them and me. (They actually said that). Again... I did not try to lowball them at all, but they found it perfectly ok to not only lowball me (as compared to other area dealerships), but tried to sell me a car with known issues and act like there were none AND then even backed out of a deal with a customer that had played by their rules since the start. Oh and there is no warranty at all on any of their vehichles, but they said if your new cars engine blows tomorrow they can point you to a good mechanic (thats promising). These guys semm nice, but don't be fooled... There are much better deals down the road.

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