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This seller has been on since September 2004.
Thank you for choosing Auto Expo of Huntington We sell the finest selection of pre-owned Jeeps since 1989 full service facility and detailing facility on site to ensure a reliable and professional buying experience all vehicles included a power-train warranty for added piece of mind all advertised prices reflect purchase of an extended warranty at non-promotional priceall advertised pricing cannot be combined with promotional pricing on warranty and reflect purchase of a warranty at a non promotional pricequalifing vehicles get 3rd year warranty free with purchase of 2 year warranty at non-promotional price
Full Repair & Detail Facility on site! All Vehicles Certified Warranteed & Inspected! Best deals on Jeeps!

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(293 reviews)

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Would recommend any day

Bunch of great guys! They have a great selection of vehicles and they provided us with and excellent jeep. The process was fast and easy. I would absolutely recommend Auto Expo of Huntington for your next pre-owned vehicle


Odometer fraud, do your research

I have not purchased from them. I will say that they have a lot of too good to be true Jeeps, clean , low mileage and recently priced. That is what attracted me to the steelership. I ran the VIN on for Jeep xjs and all came up with serious odometer discrepancies. I wanted to like them, I was willing to get a Jeep from them and have it shipped to me, but Shady seems to be the order of the day.


I email them whenever we turn my email I guess they

I email them whenever we turn my email I guess they don't want My Business


Helpful and Friendly

The team was very friendly and knowledgeable about the cars. They allowed us to try as many trucks as we wanted. They did not hound us and walked us through the process.


I don't know they haven't called me back I guess they

I don't know they haven't called me back I guess they don't want my business


Bait and switch tactics.

Bait and switch tactics. Low mileage jeeps on autotrader for months, ZERO available on the lot. Claims "Yeah, we need to clean the site up." What IS available is double to triple the price as advertised and rusted, dented, high mileage junk jeeps.


Run Away

Shady dealer. Jeep was painted on undercarriage to hide the rust. It was not ready when I came to pick it up. When I drove off the lot numerous warning kits came on and I had to turn around and return to the lot. Sat for hours while they fixed it. Drove home two hours and the next day the same thing happened. My mechanic diagnosed it with a major electrical problem and the TIPM needed to be replaced. They say they have a showroom but they do not. Cars are not ready to go and the ones on their website are not in their tiny lot.



Terrible. I send requests many times on many different Jeeps they had listed and never got one response. It does NOT make one assured buying from them is a good choice.



DO NOT GO HERE!!! I live 3 hours away from Auto Expo in New Jersey and saw they had 3 Cherrokee XJ's advertised for sale. I tried calling multiple times, but no one answered. I sent a text to there website and got a response back from "someone" saying all 3 jeeps were available and I could come look at them tomorrow. I set up an expensive uber ride the next day a headed there. I was greeted by a guy named Cliff (I think that's his name) and let him know that I was there for any of the three Jeeps. He let me know that they had been sold a year ago and they don't have any that we're in those colors (black and blue). Very disappointed I had to settle for a tan one (my least favorite color) as it was the only drivable one that was ready to be sold. It had a lot of rust that you can tell they did there best to cover up, but I didn't have much of a choice and I thought it would just be my project. Paid $5,500, 190,000 miles. Big mistake. Im dumb. After the deal I drove off the lot and within 10 minutes the check engine light came on and the A/C had stopped working, and this is where the fun begins. I turned around drove back and let Cliff know. He said no problem, "we always take care of our customers". I'll never forget those words. After a couple hours he said the issues were fixed and I was good to go. Believing him like an idiot, another mistake on my part, I didn't even ask what the issue was, I was just ready for my drive back. The next day she fails inspection for the engine light not coming on when you turn the key. Turns out, these guys had taken out the bulb. Classic. Take her to the mechanic, 5 different codes come up and he let's me know that I need a new engine. Great. For $5,500 I have a rusted out Jeep that needs a new engine. I called Auto Expo until they finally pick up and I let them know. They don't believe me, so I gave them the Mechanics number, he confirms. They then tell me to bring it in knowing full well I'm a 3 hour drive away. I asked if they had a loaner and they said no, to just rent a car, as if thats not expensive. The owner Don then tells me to drop it off at an auction lot and he'll have a truck pick it up and they'll fix or replace the engine. 2 weeks go by of ubering and bumming rides to work and finally my rusty jeep is ready to be picked up at the auction place. Don tells me it had a bad computer. I dont even make it out of the parking lot and the check engine light comes on. Super cool. Go back to the mechanic and ALL OF THE SAME CODES COME UP!! He once again tells me she needs a new motor. I call Don once again and tell him. He seems confused and says no codes came up when his mechanics started it up. I dont what mechanic doesn't know you have to do a drive cycle after putting in a new computer, which tells me they're once again being shaddy. This time I tell him I can't afford to leave my Jeep and keep ubering to work. I tell him to just put me in another cherokee. He says fine, but he won't have one be ready for another couple weeks. Another 2 weeks go by and I make my 3 hour drive to go swap. This other Jeep had 3 big cracks in the windshield and rust that went threw the body to the inside carpet. The drivers seat was held down by only 2 bolts because the others were rusted out. They really went out of there way to make things right......At this point though, I just want to be done with these fools, and the Jeep runs fine, so I sign the paperwork. Not even 12 hours later. The check engine light comes one and the heater is not blowing hot, just in time for winter in New Jersey. xxx!!!!! Turns out I need a new heater core which will run me over 1,000 to replace and another couple hundred to fix the check engine light. I called Don and offered him to buy back the Jeep for a thousand less then what I bought it for, he said no ofcourse and only offered $500 to help with the heater. I asked for $1000 and he said "absolutely not." We get in an argument and he hangs up on me. Fortunately though, for the Air Force, we got ADC. 🤘


Lies, nothing but Lies Had problems the day I brought the

Lies, nothing but Lies Had problems the day I brought the car and dealer had it more in the first 60 days then I did. Bad service, bad management, run while you can

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