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Bj Autohaus is the best Thank you

I am just thankful for everything that bjs autohaus did for me with purchasing a car i am now able to get back and forth to work better and be able to take care of my kids a little more better as well. And get things done period. They are so nice and genuine and kind people. I love their ability to work with you as a company and treat you with kindness. Thank you so much again..


Only one complaint. ..but it's huge

I do not know the owner;however,I do know of the office personnel. Since day one,she has never been anything but courteous,respectful,and professional.I will admit that I sometimes get irritated when she calls my job to remind me that a payment is due.But guess what??? I can't hate on her for doing her job. That doesn't make her mean or insensitive.After all...if my payments were on time,I wouldn't have to be subjected to those collection calls.My point is...we need to take responsibility for our own actions without blaming BJ's with negative reviews...unless it's truly something they could've handled better and differently.My only complaint is that...THEY DO NOT REPORT YOUR PAYMENTS TO THE CREDIT BUREAUS.That alone is enough to stress a person out.


Great Owner, Horrible Office Staff

The owner is willing to help his customers out in every way possible - he is wonderful!! The office staff is another story. They are rude (one time they were talking badly about me in Spanish to each other - just because I'm not Hispanic doesn't mean I don't know Spanish), and anytime the owner is out they basically refuse to work. You will be told one thing by Ryan (the owner) but once you get there the office staff doesn't follow through. This business would be phenomenal if the owner hired better staff. I refuse to go in if he isn't there - that is how horrible the office workers are.


Excellent Service

What I like about BJ's Auto Sales is that Ryan who is the owner of the car dealership is always helpful with his customers. I have bought several cars from BJ's and even when my credit was not so good, Ryan gave me the opportunity to buy a car and I have bought cars from him for years. The thing I like about Ryan is you can go and sit and talk to him about how bad you need a car and he is willing to listen and help. But what I really like is that you can pay the car off in 2 yrs. Other dealerships don't do that. I recommend anyone who needs a car go see Ryan @ BJ's Autohause on Telephone.

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