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(8 reviews)

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Bought a car back in October. Soon after (about a month) I got vibration while stopping. I called the dearlership about the brakes and asked them to check the paperwork on what work had been done and if it needed new brakes or if there was any wear to the rotors noted. They said it looked fine when they checked. At that point I assumed the vibration was from my tires as there was abnormal wear on them (I had requested to transfer tires from my old car when I bought it). Today I took the car in for new tires and explained to them about the vibration, and they told me it needed new pads and rotors. The pads had a lot of life left but were ruined by the rotors in which they noted had damage that was years old. Additionally the car is unable to keep oil as it burns it. About a month of driving, the car was completely out of oil. I could have ruined the car not having the knowledge. I paid to have it looked over for a leak, no leak. I was willing to take the financial responsibility for the oil consumption; but it has now come to my attention that there are many issues that they did not disclose. The car also had a broken radio in which they had promised to replace. I have been waiting 6 months for a phone call. I finally called and demanded the radio be fixed and asked them to also attend to the rotors. I was hung up on multiple times and they refused to let me talk. I record all my phone calls and they are on record saying they checked the rotors by "driving it" and that they were fine. So they did not physically look at the rotors and said there was no damage to the rotors when they sold the car, and that I must have ruined the rotors in 30 days after buying the car. They also verified a month after I bought the car that the brakes were great when issues started. The damage done to the rotors are verified as years old by a different shop. While the rotors are a small issue compared to the oil consumption, it's the principle that this dealership has lied. I would avoid this dealership at all costs- even if they have a car you want, chances are it's a pig with lipstick as they do not care about the condition of the cars they sell and will be deceitful in disclosing issues. I will be looking into any legal recourse, as they also put the loan in my mother's name without her permission. We were told that they needed her information as my father was a co-signer. They put the loan in her name as well, when we asked them not to. This was disclosed months later when my mother looked at her credit report.



Great customer service and fast with good results.


the best auto purchase experience yet.

We have typically purchased from large dealerships and found this lot while looking for a car for our son. They had the exact car we were looking for at a very reasonable price. There wasn't even a need to negotiate. We found a couple minor things wrong with the vehicle after having it checked out and they offered to fix them right away. We would absolutely refer friends/family to this dealership. Joe and 'Uncle' Al's laid back approach were so refreshing. Thank you SO much!


No Help

I bought a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor from them then 3 weeks later the starter went out only thing they agreed to do was send me to a shop to get a discount for the repair. I had the car for three weeks ...Ridiculous


gave me the run around

I have bought 2 cars from super service and the sales men were great but when it came to my warranty I only got the run around I cancelled it back in April 2014 and I still haven't heard anything from them every time I call they tell me to wait another month and call back here it is late September and they still don't know where my refund is nor have they attempted to contact me im almost to the point where I want to call fox 6 and get them investigated I really thought they were a good place to do business but I won't be buying from them again


Great Buy and Great Business!

I bought a white Bronco the O.J. version if you will. The vehicle drove great and was set at an reasonable price. Super Clean and ran great. The customer service was very patient in working with me and didn't put on the walk out the office fast approach to ask me a million questions when I came on the lot. They allowed me to browse and after being on the lot for a while they came out to ask if I had any quesitons after seeing my interest in the Ford Bronco. I will be purchasing another vehicle from Super Service in 2014 hands down! Can't wait..


These guys are THE BEST!!!!!!

I went into this place and was immediately greeted by the most pleasant gentleman, he was never pushy just a super nice guy. I must tell u after going to and Hated 6 other dealerships (Russ Darrow Nissan the absolute worst, New Deal crooks with a capital C... So after going to all those hellish place I landed at super service... I must tell you every single one of those guy were not only personable they were Extremely professional.. So if your looking to buy a car with people who will be honest and won't jerk you around I must tell you Super Service should be you first and only stop.... I wish I would have went there first And side note Russ Darrow was by far was the worst , major xxxxxxxx salesman MAJOR


Super Service is great

I purchased a vehicle from Super Service, I was looking to upsize so I traded my older vehicle in. I had a pleasant experience with the sales men, and also I experienced a few technician problems with the vehicle, but Super Service was very willing to work with me, and the mechanic really seemed to know what he was doing. Over all I had a great experience, and I will continue to recommend them and use them in the future. Thanks everyone at Super Service!

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