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This seller has been on since January 2005.
Welcome to My Auto Inc.. We are a full service New York used car dealer located in Huntington Station serving the towns of Elwood Melville Northport Syosset Dix Hills Plainview Commack Deer Park Jericho Hicksville Kings Park Bethpage and Farmingdale. We take pride in the quality used inventory that we carry that include BMW Chrysler Ford Hyundai Jeep Mazda Mercury MINI Nissan and Toyota.
Great Cars! Great Prices! We Have the Right Car for You! Call us toll free today!


(59 reviews)

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Great Work Andy

just purchased our second jeep from My Auto and am absolutely convinced that this is the place to go for a used car. Many thanks to Andy for his patience in answering all our questions and his cooperation in helping us choose the car for us. He stands by his word and does his utmost to satisfy his customers! Definitely a 5 star experience!


used jeep

I bought my Grand Cherokee 2009 with low millage. Clean car. The staffs are friendly and good service. I highly recommend My Auto Inc to you!


Happy With Purchase

I like Andys business model: The price is firm with NO surprise Dealer fees, no prep fees, etc. Makes it easy and stress free. The car looks and runs great (2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee). One small problem which Andy took care of right away. Very happy with the car and would buy from him again.


Car Purchase

i purchased a jeep from Andy a few months ago. one of the best experiences I've had buying a car. very friendly and great service. i would recommend checking this place out. all of their inventory was low miles and in excellent condition. you won't be disappointed!!!!!


Happy 4th time customer....

December 2018 I was very happy to visit My Auto Inc. After shopping many use car lots, I was amazed at the cars that Andy had on his lot. I would of bought just about any of them. So I go from finding nothing to now having to choose from many. I decided on a super clean 2008 Nissan Pathfinder. Had 73k, loaded and fairly priced. Today, I Love It, No issues. 6 months later I purchased a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my Son, almost 2yrs later all he has done since owning the jeep was replaced the battery and fix a muffler pipe. Drives all over the place and loves it. May 2020, My other Son purchased a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, again Super clean and fairly priced. 2 weeks later the front left Caliber began to pull the jeep to the left while braking. I called Andy to inform about the brakes and he Immediately had me bring the Jeep back to him. 2 days later I had 2 new calibers Plus New front brake pads. I was very impressed with his fast actions and going beyond in service. In the mean time my son has driven this vehicle back and forth to NC 4 times with No further Issues, may need tires by the end of summer. Very happy with it. January 2, 2021 My daughter purchased a 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited, 82k, had one previous owner, super clean,loaded and again fairly priced. My daughter drove the Jeep for several days and it developed a anti-freeze drip, called Andy and Again he Immediately addressed the leak and my daughter has her Jeep back. Andy, to me has been Nothing but Professional. No Nonsense, laid back and he knows his cars. Everytime I go back to his lot I see another car I would like. After spending years on New cars, leasing and those god awful multi year payments. My Auto Inc is the place to go. Please keep in mind, your purchasing Pre-owned vehicles. Anything can go wrong at anytime. The most important thing to have on your side is an Owner that will go out of his way to make you a happy and a 4 peat like me. Happy Shopping....

Dealer response

David Thank you for being my loyal customer for many years. Its my pleasure to have done business with you. For people like you I go over and beyond and being in business for 34 years I had the pleasure of doing business with many nice people like. Sometimes we get some piece of work that I refuse to sell cars to. It makes me very happy that you are doing well with all the cars you purchased from us. If you need any kind of assistance with any of them please don't hesitate to call me.


Dont know how a man been in buisness 33 year

this guy dont want to sell cars in 33 years he never negotiate a car price he let me walk out with cash and he wants you to buy cars from his bank at a high loan everthing you read is true about how he made it selling cars 33 years is amazing he is rude and can't speak like a business man save your money he is truly a piece of work drove 2 hours to waste my day at a dealer that doesnt sell cars

Dealer response

actually now its 34 years that I am in business and I have sold thousands of cars to very happy nice customers. Just because we don't negotiate prices it doesn't mean we don't want to sell cars. Our prices are very reasonable with no extra fees. I was honest with you and told you because of the age of the car being that's 2008 banks have higher interest rates and I even told you can find a bank on your own to see what the rates are or pay cash. You got upset because we didn't negotiate the price.I get my advertised prices for my cars because we have very fair prices with no hidden fees.Please shop elsewhere because you are not a nice person and I only choose to do business with nice respectful people.


My best Used Car buying experience, by far!

This dealer was a long drive away from where I live, but definitely worth the trip! When I first arrived at Andy’s lot, I was so impressed with the quality of his vehicles that I knew I was buying from him for sure. The lot is small in size, yet BIG in quality. I drove out to look at a Mercury Mariner, but wound up buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited because it was far more luxurious. You can see that Andy cares about his vehicles greatly, as they all look like they just rolled off the showroom floor. As such, he is a bit protective of them, and I can see how that might make some car shoppers feel negatively towards him. But when you’ve been in the business as long as he has, you can get a feel for those who are serious about buying a vehicle, and those who are not. This is the place to go to when you’re tired of the antics of other Used Car dealerships. Andy’s policy is simple: The price of the car is the price you pay. No haggling. In return, he promises there will be no hidden BS fees. And he was truthful on both points. If you want to pay cash for the car, the price stays the same. Try that one out at any other Used Car dealership LoL The buying process was very simple, as I was paying cash. I left a $1,000 deposit, and returned the next day with a certified bank check for the balance. The Jeep was immaculate and had very low-mileage, as many of his other vehicles do. People are always surprised when I tell them what year Jeep it is, as it appears to be a much newer one. I’ve owned it for 4 months now, and enjoy driving it every chance I get (the Hemi may have something to do with that ;) I highly recommend Andy and My Auto Inc., and would most definitely buy from him again!

Dealer response

Thank you for your review. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Andy


Andy is upfront and honest

I trust Andy. He is a very straight to the point and honest man. Some overly sensitive people mistake that for being "rude". But the fact is, there was no ambiguity, and that translates into confidence with a used car purchase. I recommend working with him if he's got a car you like. Here's my experience: Over 4 months ago in August, I bought a 2016 Ford Transit from him/My Auto Inc. I live in North Carolina and we did the whole process by mail and phone. The listing popped up on CarGurus and I called him immediately. I knew it was a fair price after watching that specific market very closely for about 5 months, but of course I inquired if he had room to negotiate in the price. He plainly told me that the price was firm to keep sales simple and I couldn't argue with that. There was no slimy salesmen talk. He provided me a comprehensive background on the vehicle history and I paid and independent car inspector to check the car on my behalf. (Excellent peace of mind by the way, I wont buy another car without it) Everything checked out and there were no surprises. There were NO fees of any kind, and I paid all the taxes in person at my NC DMV. Since I was out of state and I knew the van would sell quickly at that price I agreed to a $1000 deposit/down payment until the rest of the arrangements could be made. This was done by bank to bank wire transfer, which was fully secure. After that, my full bank loan was arranged and Andy Next-Day mailed me all the documents i needed to register the car at my local NC DMV, so that I could have plates in hand to drive the car back home from Long Island, NY. I flew up there and drove it back and everything went perfectly. Here is the part where I knew I owed him a good review. When I picked up the car he only had one key for it, which is not unusual. But on his own, he told me that he would ask the fleet that he received the van from if they still had a second key, go get it on his next visit there (an hour away), and personally mail it to me. "That was nice", I thought, but I didnt actually expect it to happen. The sale was final, he had my money, I live 13 hours away, and there was no way I could hold him accountable. There was no incentive besides doing the right thing, and he did it. I received the key a few weeks later without any follow up; a value of several hundred dollars to me. Fast forward to today in December, and my DMV sends me a letter saying they need a new, different, notorized Bill Of Sale from the dealer (My Auto Inc) in order to issue me a NC title. (The car was successfully registered in Aug and Ive been using it lawfully since). So I have to call Andy back and ask him to do additonal paperwork and send it to me. And he did not hesitate to help at no cost. Again, with the sale final and me being 5 states away, he could have ignored me to fend for myself. But because it was the right thing to do, he helped me out. And I think it is worth noting that because of laziness, it wasnt until after all of that I got on here to finally write him this review, which is so well deserved. So it wasn't like he had to bribe me with assistance to write a favorable rating. I really appreciate all his work. Thanks Andy.

Dealer response

Thank you for your review. My pleasure doing business with you. Andy


Scam Artist

I don’t want to give this guy 1 star but cannot submit review with at least 1 star He’s been in business a long time and there is NO way he didn’t know he sold me a piece of xxxx car. Car needs thousands of dollars worth of work. Brought car to a jeep dealer that knows Andy’s business and can’t believe he is still ripping people off. When I brought car back for him to fix it and I brought it back home, he called to say one of his workers left his beach chair in the car and can he have it back! So you tell me that there isn’t shady xxxx going on there. Stay clear away from this place. He’s a xxxxxxx.

Dealer response

how could you call us scam artist when we gave you 4 brand new tires,4 brand new rotors and pads all around,brand new exhaust system, 2 brand new rear wheel bearing before you picked up the car.and you brought it back for the evap code that's very common on jeeps and we took care of that also. and while the car was here my mechanic noticed that one of the license plate bulbs was out so he used his folding chair to seat behind the car and change that, and later on he noticed that the chair was missing so he thought maybe one of the other workers put it in your trunk since the chair was behind the car. so either someone stole it here or you never gave it back to him.and if I am not mistaking you told us the reason you came to us is because one of your friends bought a car here and was very happy with it and recommended us to you.


I should have believed the negative reviews

I should have believed the negative reviews that warned about this place. I called ahead of time and then drove 1 and 1/2 hrs to see the car. I was greeted by a nice salesman who showed me to the car and told me to go ahead and run it through its paces. I started the car and a basic 20 point inspection. I then gently accelerated the car while in the park to check for blue smoke ie oil burnoff. The dealership's owner came running out screaming "STOP, STOP you're gonna blow the engine". I explained to him it's necessary to check for smooth RPM acceleration and proper release on the gas paddle. He exclaimed that he "knows cars and you cant rev an engine or it will blow." I again attempted to explain that the car had a 5.7L V8 and was more than capable of handling the reviving. It was clear at this point that he was trying to hide an engine or transmission issue and so I left. If you need a car, go elsewhere.

Dealer response

Its very rude of you not to have respect for other peoples property and accelerating the motor in park to 5000 RPM. I am in business for 33 yrs and I know that could blow the motor and that's not how you check cars. You didn't accelerating it gently otherwise I would not tell you to stop. You had the motor screaming. I am not hiding anything , and this car is in a perfect shape. I am very happy you didn't buy it as I don't like to do business with rude people, We sold the same car yesterday to a very respectful gentleman. Please do your shopping elsewhere.

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