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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(15 reviews)
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(15 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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I met with Cliff Krause and he the best car salesman I have ever dealt with in my life. He made the whole experience understandable and easy for every process in buying my Corvette. The owner was very nice and all the people there were helpful. I would rate them 6 stars.


Check the existing warranty before you purchase

About 18 months ago I purchased a 2016 Z-51 with just over 8,000 miles. I was ecstatic because the car had never been registered, making me the original owner. The first time I took the car to a Chevrolet dealership for an oil change however, all sorts of red flags popped up, indicating that not much of the usually-outstanding GM warranty applies to my car. It had been used at a high performance vehicle instruction driving school so most of the warranty had been wiped out. This doesn't really matter....except if you ever want to sell the vehicle. All Vette buyers these days check CAR FAX and warranties against the VIN and its been my experience that none will TOUCH these training track vehicles. I now have 15,000 miles on her and all has performed FANTASTICALLY!!!


Fair deal

Still reviewing them have had good contact so far. They were great about bringing my other vehicle to my home.


Excellent Dearship!!

Purchased my 2016 Corvette a few months ago. It was the easiest friendliest experience I have ever had. From the owner who came out to greet me to John my sales person who worked with me. A few months later I experienced a weird electrical bug with the vette and I took it back to them. They 110% took care of me. My next vette will be from them for sure!!


Misleading representation of vehicles

Online shoppers beware. Cars look great in photos and the descriptions are fantastic. In reality they may not be. I looked at two Bronco's and discovered very poor quality restoration work. In fact so bad that the front grill was body filled to the fender as one piece. Doors didn't close properly because of poorly repaired collision damage. There explanation was new weather stripping. On another I looked at the left door at the bottom towards the rocker panel was out over an inch. I discovered the "B" pillar was collision damaged and not repaired. They have quite a few beautiful cars from a distance they look wonderful. I would be very careful buying a car without actually looking at it and or having it inspected prior to purchase.


Mr. Estrada

I called in search for a camaro and I hosted with great customer service.


Great people to deal with!

The people at DC Motors were great. Todd took care of me on each of my visits. Even though the car I wanted was eventually purchased by someone else, Todd never pressured me into a purchase. I will definitely be looking through their inventory from time to time for another S55. Thanks Todd.


Great service and definatly recommended.

From the beginning to after purchase, serive was very accurate and good. I had one of best service from this dealer. I will come back to this dealer and highly recommend.


DC Motors rocks

From the first call to the last , Todd and DC Motors were outstanding. Todd's knowledge customer service and humanly concern and care were over the top. I bought my 360 Ferrari spider sight un-seen and it was everything and more as far as how it was represented. I HIGHLY recommend DC Motors to anyone. It's nice knowing that their are good people and companies out there that genuinely care and are HONEST!! Living in Pennsylvania and DC being in California I had to put my faith and trust in these folks. BOY DID THEY DELIVER !! One happy customer from 3000 miles away. THANKS TODD !!! I would buy a car from you any day. J Lilly Allentown PA

Dealer response

Todd is an excellent and valued salesperson here at DC Motors. Thanks for your rave review.


Great Buying Experience!

I contacted Todd by phone first to ask if the 911 Turbo was still available. Yes, it was! I made an appointment to see it. Wow! They had a lot of other exotics on their premises. Lambo's, R8's, GT-R's and many other special, interesting cars. This was the most enjoyable car buying that I have ever experienced - and this is the eleventh car I have purchased in my life. There was no pressure to buy. Todd and Doug are super nice guys. I felt like I was buying a car from a friend. They even pointed out things that were not perfect with the car (nicks, a broken minor part) Really honest! Todd was very knowledgeable about all the 911 turbo's features. I would highly recommend this dealership to my family and friends.

Dealer response

Thanks for your review Dean.