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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(18 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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Not recommended

I bought a 2008 Hyundai seania SUV with 101000, mls on it and a week later the engine lite came on and the shifter in the column was sliding from drive to neutral in the middle of the I took it to auto zone they put the thing onto it to run the numbers on the engine lite and it came up altonator .so I took it right over to #1 auto dealers within the 30 days and Gary keep saying oh it's only just a little adjustment on the shifter . finally after 6_7 x going back to Gary he says take it to hundyia business xxxx pay it let them check it,well .they call me and says the frame is all rusted the transmission cables broken and oil and transmission pan have rusted holes in them and are leaking.this car should never been passed inspection let alone be sold.


buying a van

they were a very big help.would send a friend to them.they worked with me on my payment and help the vehicle for me.i am very satisfied with my van.newest vehicle i have owned


This guys are great!!!

I have been dealing with Tom and Keith for a few months now and i am happy and confident to say that these two guys are great! they are very understanding and patient and fair. i look forward to doing business with them in the future!!!!!


Recommend To Everyone!!

I purchased a Subaru Forester from these guys a couple months ago, and I am over the moon with my Forester. There was a slight rattle a couple weeks after I purchased the vehicle and they checked it out and fixed it when I could drop the car off. They were very busy but were very nice about it. I love the car and I recommend these guys to anyone looking for a good used car.


Don't do it BAD place

I brought a used car that had something wrong every time I turned around. I only had the car 6weeks. They want u 2 pay to fix it. They are not fair people. Don't waste your money or time.

Dealer response

We have looked through our records, both sales and service, and we do not know who this is. We follow the 30 day/1000 mile, New York State Lemon Law warranty. Any issues beyond this point are not covered by a warranty, but we have always gone above and beyond to help our customers. We strive to serve our customers as professionally and courteously as possible.


Great place for a used car!

I went in just kind of looking around. I had no idea what I wanted to buy, but knew I definitely wanted to replace my Cobalt. The sales guy showed me around, asked what kind of driving I do, what is most important to me in a car etc. He didn't pressure me into buying anything. I'm sure he gets commission but he told me "Let me show you what we've got. If a car is for you, it's for you. If it's not, it's not." I decided on a Subaru Forester. It's my first time owning one, and I'm really happy with it. No problems at all.


Fantastic Experience!!

I was looking for a used vehicle for my new job, as I would be driving long distances to eleven different counties. I did not trust my Spectra, so I was referred here. I had a fantastic experience from start to finish with the tall guy. The owner was very nice and helpful as well. I will recommend this place to others!!


Went in for an inspection, left with a new car!!

I recently brought my older Dodge Ram in for an inspection, and to find out what I needed to get my truck to pass inspection. I talked to the mechanic, and he told me what I would need and I was very surprised by the price tag. I then asked the salesman about the Dodge Ram out front. I took it for a test drive and loved it. So with the money I was going to spend to fix my old truck, I financed the new truck!! I fully enjoyed the people I talked to, and they even gave me a good deal on my trade in. I was extremely surprised by how friendly they were and how fast they got my truck ready. I have already sent a few friends to look, and one has already bought another car there they are very happy with. I enjoyed the experience, and I no longer dread going to car dealerships!! Thank you guys, you made this experience very easy and enjoyable!! Full Recommendation!!


Poor Customer Service

40 days after purchasing a vehicle from them, the inhibitor switch went out. The repair costed about $450. Yes, it was slightly over the 30 day warranty but it was only 40 days. I asked them if they would be willing to pay for half of it since it was only 40 days. That is entirely reasonable. Any good dealership would have done that. No from these guys though! Once they make a sale on you, they do very little to help you out I tried talking with the owner, Gary. Out for 10 days. Place is awful how they're not willing to work with customers. Do not buy from this place if you're looking for a peace of mind. They will not work with you. Don't take the chance and go somewhere else.

Dealer response

We received a phone call from Sean 46 days after purchase. When Sean called, he explained the issue he had, but the vehicle was already repaired. We explained that he no longer had a warranty and it was an in-house warranty. We would have helped him and brought the vehicle into OUR repair facility. Parts purchased by us are discounted 20% (or more) which we would have passed on to Sean. The labor would be at our cost. The total cost for the repair would have been about half of the $450 he paid. Sean demanded we pay the bill. We said you are out of the warranty and since you already made the repair, we can't help you. The 30 day warranty was explained to Sean at time of purchase.


Don't believe what they tell you !

Owner is more concerned about his wallet than customer service. Vehicle broke 15 minutes after driving off lot. I immediately returned. Was told he would order the parts and repair. Days later no call, I called he told me that the part was to expensive. I ended up ordering the part myself and repairing myself. Was told if I wanted a perfect car to go down the street and buy a new. So much for any kind of warranty.

Dealer response

You seem confused. The vehicle did not break, the window switch was hard for you to operate so I offered to put in a new one. You agreed to split the cost of the switch and I offered to install it for free. You took it upon yourself to buy the switch online (which I sent you a check for half the cost, $40.95) and install it yourself. That was your decision. Let's not forget that I also gave you $695 off the price of the car. Doesn't sound like I care more about my wallet than customer service now, does it?