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This seller has been on since January 2021.
At Boch Honda on the Automile We want to do everything we can to put your mind at ease. EVERY NEW CAR WE SELL has a 3 Day/200 Mile WORRY FREE BRING IT BACK GUARANTEE and EVERY PRE-OWNED CAR WE SELL has a 7 Day/350 Mile WORRY FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
We work as hard as we can before your purchase to make sure the vehicle is everything you expect it to be. If for any reason you decide it is not for you we will take it back. We're in this for the long haul.
Home of the 20 Year / 200000 Mile Protection Plan and Worry Free Guarantee

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(2,424 reviews)

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Sean is very efficient sales manager, he has a good

Sean is very efficient sales manager, he has a good quality to explain about car, very friendly and helpful while buying our car.We wish him good luck, five star.



BEWARE! This past September my husband purchased a Honda Civic from Boch Honda Norwood. Inna, the sales person received a bank check for the full amount of the vehicle and a separate check for $1886.81 for sales tax and registration fees. Days later he was told that they were unable to register the car. On 10/09/22 I spent half the day at the registry and wrote a check for $1886.81 to Mass Dot. My husband was told to bring in receipts of the transaction and Boch Honda would issue a check. After many phone calls and in answered voicemails we still have to received our refund. In essence Boch Honda of Norwood has stolen $1886.81 from us. It’s is 11/29/22 and we still are waiting. DO NOT buy a vehicle from this dealer. Janet Scheidemantel


My wife and I purchased a Honda Certified Pre-owned Honda

My wife and I purchased a Honda Certified Pre-owned Honda Odyssey on September 22nd, 2022. I have held off from posting this review because I am still owed things (another set of keys) from the dealer and did not want to deal with them retaliating for writing an honest review. Let me preface this review by saying that our Salesperson Chris J. was a lovely person who tries hard to please the customer and doesn't belong at such an unprofessional dealership. He was the only employee in the entire establishment that had a smile on his face. This review does not reflect the salesperson. We drove an hour+ from Nashua, NH, to Norwood. My wife and I showed up for an appointment with someone who said they would meet us at the door when we arrived. When we reached the location, the person who was supposed to meet us was not answering their phone (all of a sudden), nor were they responding to the front desk associate who paged them several times. We waited at the front entrance for about 45 minutes before they brought a newer and more charming salesperson to us. I planned to sell the dealership my 2021 Honda Pilot (leased vehicle) and purchase a 2019 Honda Odyssey. I spoke with one of the most dishonest sales managers I have ever worked with (Amadou Barry). He was only interested in selling us the Odyssey. A massive disingenuous sign out front of the dealership said, "Bring your lease to us, and we will buy it for $500 more than any offers you get". I told the salesperson I had three written offers from other dealers who offered 36k. He returned from speaking with the manager and offered me a whopping $35k. I said no, obviously I'm not doing that when I can sell it closer to home for another thousand. After denying two offers (lower than 36k), his manager (Amadou Barry) came over to us with a very unprofessional attitude and started arguing with me. I calmly responded to Mr. Barry that it was not a big deal. I had already received three offers from Nashua and Manchester NH dealerships, all of whom offered the same at $36k. I could sell the Pilot to one of them, and IF the Odyssey is still available, we will return to Norwood and purchase it. He raises his voice and says, "So if we buy the Pilot for 36k, you will buy the Odyssey?" I stood up and shook the man's hand. After about an hour, we sat down with a finance person. Towards the end of signing paperwork for the Odyssey, I realized there was no mention of buying the Pilot. Before purchasing the van, I had two vehicle loans/leases in my name for over $30k. I was trying to avoid having three loans in my name. The point was to sell the Pilot first, then buy the van. I have nothing against the finance or salesperson, but the manager lied to us and shook my hand on a deal. After bringing the Pilot purchase up, the manager said the one individual who could purchase vehicles was not here, and I would have to drive back to Norwood for one hour to sign the paperwork, then another hour home. Then when they deliver the van to me, they will pick up the Pilot. If something happens to the Pilot within that time frame, they will not honor the deal, and I will be stuck with three loans over 30k. Three expensive loans would put me in a very awkward position I did NOT want to be in. A simple situation I was trying to avoid. I should have stood up, left the entire awful and uncomfortable decision behind me, and never returned to Massachusetts again, never mind this disgusting excuse of a dealership. (Born and raised in Lowell, MA) But I didn't. I was so mad, irritated, and pushed into a corner I went ahead with the deal on my end, and I sold the Pilot to Peters Nissan in Nashua the next day for $36k. They even supplied me with a ride home and talked about a car dealership that cares about its image and reputation. Today (10/14/2022), I still do not have the promised "Honda Certified Pre-owned" Two Car key guarantee.


Bad attitude towards customers.

Hello, my name is Igor. A month ago I bought a Honda CR-V car from Boch Honda. When I bought the car, problems immediately began, the seller misled me by naming one price, and when I started to make out the car, the employees of this car dealership, without telling me a word, set the price for another $ 2,999 more, this turned out to be an additional guarantee for the car, which I did not ask for. When I saw this the next day, I immediately went to Boch Honda to sort out this problem. When I came to them, the employees of this Boch Honda dealership told me that they were charging me $2,999 for an additional guarantee that the bank allegedly demanded, and that I could terminate this contract in a month. A month later I came to Honda Boch and asked to terminate the contract for an additional guarantee and return the money, their employee Valentin promised to do it, but I waited almost two weeks, but the money never came to the bank. Our problems didn't end there, when we picked up our car, which was brand new, it turned out that the air conditioner wasn't working. When we told our salesman that our air conditioner was not working, she sent us to the auto repair shop of this car dealership. The car repair shop made an air conditioner in our car, after a week of driving, the air conditioner in the car started to work badly again, the second visit to the garage did not change anything, and only after visiting them for the third time, finally, the air conditioner started working, but after a few weeks the air conditioner stopped working again, and the socket in the car also stopped working, and only after visiting an auto repair shop in another Honda dealership, we were told that the air conditioner was leaking, and promised to do it under warranty. Our problems with this Boch Honda dealership did not end there: when applying for a car on credit, the seller of Boch Honda told me that the bank approved the loan at 6.9 percent, but a month later I saw that the loan documents cost 12.91 percent. With all these problems, I always called and texted a certain seller who sold me this car, but the seller almost never answered me, perhaps he was busy. My family and I do not understand English well, so I did not understand very well what the employees of this car dealership gave me to sign, it is very sad that they treat their customers this way. Be careful when visiting Boch Honda, especially if you don't speak English well. Boh Honda disappointed me very much, I will never come there again. Excuse me for my poor English.


Leasing Manager 🤣🤣🤣

The leasing manager basically said he could careless if I ever lease a Honda from them again. He didn’t even try to talk me out of how I feel. Basically they lost a Honda owner/leaser tgat has been riding in Hondas since 2005. Never again.


I was there for service and I have no complaint about

I was there for service and I have no complaint about that…Andrew Domingue was great. My complaint is how one of the sales people told me to get out of a car on the showroom floor: “because it was expensive $120k, was supposed to be locked and they don’t want anyone in the car breaking something and that I was free to check out the cheaper cars because they don’t care about those as much.” Huh?!?! He also pointed to two other cars on the showroom that I wasn’t allowed to get in. He never even said you can look at them upon request or appt. I’m a 63 year old woman…not a child who needed to be scolded. Anything I break I can afford to fix and quite frankly can afford anything on that showroom floor. It is not my problem that the car wasn’t locked. If the door isn’t locked and the person is just sitting and looking…wait until they get out and lock the door. Don’t kick them out of the car. The sales person was rude, unprofessional and stupid for losing a potential customer.


I had the best experience at Boch Honda Sean took

I had the best experience at Boch Honda Sean took exteamly good care of me.


We needed service on our 2019 Civic and returned to Boch

We needed service on our 2019 Civic and returned to Boch Honda in Norwood, MA, where we bought our car. The service manager, Owen Garber, went out of his way to secure us a Honda replacement part, which at this time is very scarce, vs an aftermarket part. The part was installed within a few hours immediately as we arrived, and Owen was very involved in overseeing the visit. We are very grateful for his help and want to commend Boch Honda for such a wonderful Service Manager. He is organized, persistent, and considerate. Love Honda and this is why it is our sixth Honda.


Amine keep me well informed when my truck was being built

Amine keep me well informed when my truck was being built and when it will be delivered. He also took care of the insurance. I also live over one hour away from Boch Honda so he had the truck delivered to my house for free. I highly recommend Amine to everyone and anyone who may searching for a new vehicle.


Helped me find the car I wanted.

Helped me find the car I wanted. Was really helpful in getting my insurance set up.

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