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This seller has been on since October 2022.
Welcome to Ameri Motors located at 6248 N Broad St in Philadelphia PA. Please call us at 215-548-0300 to arrange a test drive or visit our website to view our complete inventory.

We are also on facebook as ameri motors and we are also on skype as ameri motors


(18 reviews)

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There get over on You!

I bought a BMW 750LI from them in March and he said he would fix the pulling issue. Transmission went out and he the owner said call warranty company. They won't cover it plan to new. I 2 repaired rims that was cracked. I was loosing air. And he replaced 1 tire. Don't get nothing from them. I'm stuck with a note on a car that don't work.


They responded to say they still had the car.

They responded to say they still had the car. When I emailed them back with several questions, I didn't get any answer. I then noticed they had changed the description to indicate it is a McLaren when it clearly isn't. Then they removed the listing all together.



I have known Jay for yeeaaaarrrrsss, I've purchased several Jaguars from him, I also purchased a Mercedes Benz GL450 SUV from Jay, I've had nothing but great experiences from this car dealership and will continue to recommend and purchase my vehicles from Jay. Jay offers the opportunity for you who don't wanna spend the regular price for a luxurious to enjoy the same luxury at a very low price. Keep up the great work Jay, your loyal customers are right behind you. Look forward to more foreign luxury cars.


Liars with no remorse; epitomizes deception!!

Lied about what was wrong with car and I traveled from another state to purchase. Dropped price $500 for the one thing the owner Jay said was wrong. Get there and right off the bat there were other issues. Bought anyway against my better judgment because my daughter who’s in college really needed a car and liked the look of this one. I immediately had the car looked upon returning home and found out the car is a complete lemon! Needs over $10,000 of work. I called the next day to discuss with the owner and reiterated he sold the car with the knowledge of it being for my daughter who needs reliable transportation for college and he literally told me with no remorse, “you can talk until you’re blue in the face, the deal is final!”, and hung up. Please, don’t trust anyone at this dealership, ANYONE! Buying a car here is like taking your hard earned paycheck and lighting it on fire!





Horrible experience at Ameri motors

Car was very unsafe sold to me with electrical issues and horn doesn’t work no brakes on car check engine light came on as soon as I pulled off the lot I was only suppose to come pick up my car but they had me wait all day to get it and it still wasn’t right the car doesn’t go past 85 it shakes and none of the driving modes work on the car. After I got the car I was driving on 95 and almost got ran off the road by a truck that didn’t see me I tired to low my horn but I didn’t work if not for quick thinking and flashing my lights I might not be here typing this review. When I went back the next morning and explained this to the owner he proceeded to write everything down as if he were going to fix it and when I explained to him that all this should have been taken care of before I got in the car he says well how was I supposed to know??? I asked him was this his car lot and he said yes!!🤔 that says it all the tires in the car were bad holes and slow leaks I had to replace two myself he refunded me my money back on the car because he didn’t like that I called him on being unprofessional but didn’t give me my money back for my tires and said it was on me. Jay from Ameri motors is very unprofessional it’s dangerous to buy a car from this place and I would most certainly not recommend it at all!!!

Dealer response

You remember things a little differently. Do you remember rushing us around the day before? You were supposed to come back the next day to have things done, we offered you a loan to go enjoy ur day. YOU insisted on complaining about waiting but did not want to leave while the car was being fixed. To avoid further confrontation I gave you back ur money. We were supposed to do the tires when u came here. No one said to do it on your own. Better this way anyway since you do not have a driver's license. You put us in a situation were we could not do the right thing either way.



I have been coming to this establishment repeatedly for 20 years buying cars for me and my family and getting them serviced no where except ameri motors .Really good and honest business and work with you with pricing of sales and services i recommend this place for anyone who wants to get a good clean running automobile



This dealership is as crooked as the cobblestones in Germantown Ave. in Philadelphia. I brought a 2006 Cadillac DTS two months ago and have had problems with the car ever since. I brought the car to memorize it after my father’s passing. The car had some body damage but nothing to extreme and when I test drove it there were no lights on and it drove well. After I took delivery the next day my problems started. Initially the check engine light came on, so I took it to my mechanic who told me that I had a misfire, needed a sensor and a couple of other things. I contacted Ameri Motors and the owner Jay assured me that they would fix everything. No worries. When I brought the car I was told that I had a 90 day warranty. They kept my car for 3 days to fix various repairs and didn’t fix anything. He lied and said they fixed the misfire but couldn’t get the check engine light to go off. He said he didn’t have the machine to reset it but encouraged me to get the extended warranty though his people that was more money but would benefit me if I wanted the car in tip top shape. I ended up getting the problems repaired on my own. I still have some additional repairs to make. My mechanic repaired three coils including the one that Jay said they fixed. The sensor was never replaced. I have also been receiving calls from solicitors trying to sell me an extended warranty. The car is a used car and I expected some issues and to put a little tlc into it I didn’t expect to be played . This dealership is deceptive and misleading and I would not recommend anyone to buy a car from these people.


The most crooked dealers in America

I bought a car from here . Found out they doctored the carfax and used a different car fax within the papers and lied about the car having no accidents. Later did a real carfax and found 4 major accidents with frame damage and blown air bags 3 times . If you value your life .please stay away


fair dealer didn't tell me everything about car

ok customer service was excellen,t the sales people where a bit pushy they rush me

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