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Dishonest Junk Car Sellers

It hasn’t even been a full week and the Carolla I financed is having engine problems. I tried to be as polite as I can to the manager knowing he’s just sold me a lemon and I still couldn’t get a refund for the car . Instead he tells me that it is not Walmart I can’t just refund you just because I have the receipt. But before I signed the dotted line supposedly the car was properly maintained and had no issues but a small unnoticeable bump in the back . Whole time knowing the car had problems since they claim they check everything before they put the car in the lot . I’m not happy with this at all . These people will smile in your face and sell you a dream with a bold face lie . The seller says he feels bad for me so he got me a better deal but comes to find out it’s a facade to have me sign the dotted line . He said he can have the car fixed but the car shouldn’t need to be fixed if it was sitting in the lot looking as if it was ready to go. I really don’t even want the Carolla anymore due to this terrible first impression. I’m going to keep pushing for a refund until I have to take it up to court. I would not recommend this company unless you’re easy to be taken advantage of as I was . They sell junk cars at a high price to make it look good for the website but in reality it’s all a facade . Their help isn’t genuine but only for their benefit. The first day you see them their all overly nice everything but once you come back after you’ve signed the dotted line their true colors come to show .If I were you take my experience seriously as advice to take your business somewhere else.


Disgusting Auto Repair Shop

This facility should be shut down for being a front with nothing behind it! They are a bunch of dishonest, incompetent and unethical scam artists. I took my vehicle there to have some work done on it. They lied about the repair work and literally, added more damage to my car and then, had the audacity to charge me around three thousand dollars for their vandalism! I'm appalled that such people get away with exploiting the public.


Great experience

I went to purchase a car and Corey I hope I spelled his name correct, was very helpful, motivated and went out of his way. I left with a great car at a good price. I couldn't have asked for more


Scott Goodman here at Davidsons Motors will not call you...

Scott Goodman here at Davidsons Motors will not call you back after the sale. He will respond each and every time before that... most of which will be lies though. Do not go here.


Englewood branch only know how’s to lie

Purchasing a vehicle here without going to look at it first was our mistake, but the lies they fed my husband is their mistake. Had a car delivered to me with tire low lights on, the windows don’t roll down from the driver side, the guy told my husband the tires were in good shape, and they’re total sh**. The brights don’t stay on, the fog lights don’t work, the speakers are blown and the passenger side air vent is busted. Don’t trust this dealer. They gave me an absolute crap car that they did a bare minimum job detailing.



xxxxty review for these people. Ran me out of my money and left HORRIBLE service repairs. NEVER ever would recommend them. Take your money somewhere else they have no idea what they are doing. Such a waste of money.


Cars they sell are Junk

Service department has no idea what they are doing. Shotty workmanship given. Did not honor their warranty supplied. Car was in service for 1 month, then was told oh well...can't help you

Dealer response

Under the warranty of 3 months and 3000 miles we replaced the engine and gave you the opportunity to give you a 100% refund and take the car back. You have owned this vehicle for 6 months now. It is unfortunate that this left a bad experience for you. We understand this is very difficult time but we appreciate all of our customers and do our best to try and help were we can.


Horrible dealership, junkyard vehicles,

Cars just good for the junkyard and terrible customer service. I called ahead of time asking if there was anything I should be aware of regarding a specific vehicle. The guy on the phone tells me: " it's actually in very decent condition. Good vehicle". I drive almost 2 hours to discover that the car was actually hailed. The interior was so disgusting I wouldn't even sit in it. Do not go to this shady dealership. They're the worst



I would like to take the time to thank you for the superior sales and customer service that was provided to me at Davidsons Motors. Tim Young took care of my every need and worry, I have purchased three family vehicles from Davidsons Motors and each experience was amazing. The service and reassurance that was provided to me numerous times was beyond belief. I received a great car with absolutely no hassles or surprises, without a doubt the best around...I won't go anywhere else to buy a vehicle. This is my third purchase with Tim and there is no reason to go anywhere else!


Positive experience

Count me in as someone who gives a positive recommendation to Davidsons Motors and working with Tim Stewart especially. My wife and I decided to go with this dealer over others because of their warranty. When the car that we bought developed a problem, there was no hesitation on their part to get it in and get it taken care of. Tim’s attitude and integrity are refreshing to see in this business, and he kept in constant touch until the problem was resolved.

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