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Welcome to King Hyundai South Florida's premier Hyundai dealership serving Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Coconut Creek Margate Coral Springs Parkland Pompano Beach and Delray Beach. Here at King Hyundai we sell all Hyundai models from the popular Sonata Elantra and Santa Fe Sport to the family-friendly Santa Fe and fuel-efficient Accent or fun to drive Veloster. If you are looking for a luxurious ride you need to take a look at the Genesis or Equus luxury sedans. All new Hyundai's are backed by America's Best Warranty and the Hyundai Assurance Program. We have a Hyundai to suit all your needs so schedule your test drive today.
Selling New and Used Cars in South Florida since 1937

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(112 reviews)

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They Don't Care

I have been dealing with King Hyundai (Russ)for about 10 years now and I have not had a bad experience until today. I finally traded up all my past vehicles from the Elantra to the Kona to the Tucson and now finally to the Calypso Red 2022 Santa Fe ($30K) that my wife absolutely loves. Well we leased this vehicle on 7/12/21 and within the first week realized there was a heavy chemical odor coming from the interior. No problem we took it back and was told they would do an ozone treatment to remove the odor. We picked up the car a few days later only to find the chemical odor was gone and now the car wreaked of a Bleach/Hydrogen Peroxide stink that was so potent it actually gave my wife an Asthma attack. We were told to drive the car with the windows down and park the car with them down also. As stupid as that sounded in Florida (100 degrees) I did it and the stink never went away. I took it back again and was told they would shampoo the insides to get rid of the odor. By this time we have owned the car for a month and my wife has only been able to drive it once. Well the shampooing never fixed the problem and when my wife broke down in tears at the dealership that her perfect color SUV was not safe for her to drive due to her being Asthmatic and she couldn't sit more than 5 minutes in the vehicle without having breathing problems. At this point the vehicle became a health hazard to the driver and there was no way she would be able to drive it so what does the dealership do about it? They had the audacity to tell us that they can put us in a Kona ($24K) that costs $6K less for an additional $2K down and $100 more a month. WTH did I just hear? This was their solution, and they were not willing to do anything else especially for a long time faithful customer like us. They tried to sell us another vehicle and charge more money instead of trying to help solve the problem at hand and call it for what it was "A Lemon". I have never seen a dealership sink so low to lose a customer in such a way. My wife loves her Santa Fe, that's why she bought it and these xxxxxxxx want to make money off this defected vehicle and sell us something else that costs less for more money. Makes no sense and now we are totally disgusted for the lack of responsibility they are taking on this case and are willing to let my wife drive a vehicle that may eventually end up sending her back to the hospital. Buyers please be weary, contact me for further info we will be happy to share all the stress and turmoil this has caused us, I guess they really don't care about their long term customers any more. They won't even reach out to text us and say sorry or that they will try to work something out, nothing. I guess now we take it to the next level and see how that works out. Update: I took my own Tucson to North Fort Lauderdale Subaru and dealt with Mohammed, best experience ever. We will never deal with King again. Lets not even get started on the $691 refund they are refusing to give back to me or a service contract that was never used. Just be careful guys they are not out for your best interest.


1.5 months in service—and still not repaired

Took our Santa Fe in to repair an oil leak around Spring Break. Returned with oil still leaking after a week or so. Back to the dealer. Rep kept giving inconsistent estimate of when car would be ready—but called to say “Come get it” a day after he said it would be another 5 days or so. Still leaking. We snowbirds returned to PA, made arrangements for friends there to deal with pickup/drop off. They’ve had the car since April 26. Today is June 17. They have not once contacted me, and responses to my inquiries have largely been vague “We’re getting to it.” Good luck if you want warranty’s service from this place.


Worst Customer Service Ever!

Worst customer experience, EVER! My husband and I have purchased many cars in our lifetime and this by far was the worst experience. On last week Saturday, February 13th my husband and I drove to King Hyundai located in Deerfield with prospects of looking at the new Genesis GV80. When we arrived, we parked up front. An older salesman came out to meet us as we looked at the GV80, which was parked out front. He and my husband had a brief dialogue and my husband informed him that we would like to look at the new GV80 at that point the salesman advised us that there were others on the North side of the lot. At that point we all headed over to the North side of the lot, my husband stopped to look at both the G80 and G90. This is what happens when your car shopping? Correct? You look at all the options which catch ‘YOUR’ eye. The salesman tried directing us over to the SantaFe. Stating that “this vehicle is more economical and affordable!” The SantaFe was never an option for us. My husband made that clear to the salesman that was not what we wanted to see. From that moment, the salesman proceeds to steer us to the Palisade. He showed us both the 5 and 7-seater. STILL! Not the vehicles we were there to see. My husband then proceeds to speak to the salesman to remind him that we are there to see the GV80 and the GV90 but you’re showing us everything EXCEPT what we wanted to see. The salesman then says that he will need to run our credit before even seeing the SUV. My husband tells him that credit has never been a problem. But by this time my husband is LIVID. The salesman senses it and tells us that we can get another salesman. At this point it was time for us to leave. I’m not one to post anything negative, but this has been a horrible experience to what would have been a prospective Hyundai buyer. To have this salesman with his nonchalant attitude as well as trying to push off on my husband and I, what in his mind “was most affordable” for us is still mind-blowing. 0/10 stars and would NOT recommend.


The reason car salesman have a bad reputation

They are schemers. Right from the start it was obvious they were going to try and manipulate me into the best deal for themselves. I was directed there by Carsaver via Walmart auto. That service set up the appointment and gave me a price for the car I was interested in. Carsaver also offers a lifetime warranty. Immediately the salesman I was with brought over two more to tell me how awful that warranty was and I shouldn’t do it.(if they don’t give me the warranty, they can avoid paying Carsaver a finders fee). Literally the first twelve minute was spent telling me how worthless, cheap, and dishonest hits party warranties were. I don’t think they considered how them working with an apparent “garbage company that cheats customers” looks since that was the service that brought me in the door. They then proceeded to pull the ol’Texas switch on me. They showed me the car that was the “managers special”(aka last years model that everyone used for test drives they haven’t been able to sell) not the 2020, but pushing this 2019 . Not the car I went there for. It wasn’t even the same color. We took the test drive me car was fine. When we got back they started talking price. I asked three times about the other cars they have and they wouldn’t even tell me anything other than”they are more expensive” they were selling me this car no matter what. Finally I asked them to redeem the offer I received from Hyundai to test drive a car and receive an$50 Visa card. They refused to validate it until I came back to buy a car. I’m summarion. They threw dirt on their marketing partners, lied to me, manipulated me, tried tricking me, and defrauded me. All before I even bought the car. Can’t wait to spend to $18,000 here, right? Worst display of sales I’ve ever seen and as a lifelong salesman I am appalled at the lack of character. You should all be fired.

Dealer response

Kevin, Thank you for taking the time to review us and bring your experience at our dealership to our attention. We regret to hear about this experience and would like to discuss the situation with you further. Please contact us at the information below. Jason Frieder General Manager 954-574-4500


Great service

A to the service department who recently worked on my car. All work was done in a timely manner and appreciate Sergio returning my calls almost immediately and answering my questions. Highly recommend, very friendly staff.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to review us, Shawn! We're thrilled to hear that you had an excellent experience at our dealership. If you ever need any other assistance, please feel free to contact us!


very shady salesmen

slick talkers ,turned in 2015 elantra..and old 2005 elantra for two new lease cars in one day.7000 grand down payment. the 2015 elantra we turned in came with 15000 miles per year. some how the slick talking sales man talked us in to a 7500 milesper year on 2017 sonata and 10000 per year 2017 on elantra saying we dont drive that much..that was then this is now. got a job driving farther...could use the 15000 or at least 12000 mpy now bad.any how done with KING..Going next door to Toyota or Phil Smith Kia across the street.


Purchase of 2019 Tucson SEL

I want to commend Tony Pacheco, my salesman for a wonderful job of service. A 5 out of 5. I was also very impressed with Amine El Azzouzi, my finance guy, for the out standing and friendly service he provided. Again a 5 out of 5 rating.

Dealer response

Walker, We appreciate you taking the time to leave your review! We're thrilled to hear that Tony and Amine was able to provide you with an excellent experience. If you ever need any other assistance, please feel free to contact us!


Santa Fe 2017

Purchased a used cream puff Santa Fe 2017. It was our best used car purchase ever.

Dealer response

Priscilla, Thank you for taking the time to review us! We're thrilled to hear that we could provide the best experience yet for you. If you ever need anything else, please feel free to contact us! Enjoy your new Santa Fe and hope to see you again soon!


G70 3.3t lease

Victor, our salesman is an educated, pleasant, knowledgeable person. It was a good experience

Dealer response

Bernard, Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience! We're thrilled to hear that Victor was able to assist you and help you with your new vehicle! If you ever need any other assistance, please feel free to contact us. Until next time!


King Hyundai

Had the best car dealer Eric from King Hyundai in Deerfield Beach

Dealer response

Renee, Thank you for your 5-star rating! We're thrilled to hear that Eric was able to assist you and left a great impression. If you ever need any other assistance, feel free to reach out.

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