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Don’t ever go here!

Absolute garbage… They sold me a brand new $90k Jeep Wagoneer knowing it didn’t work. The electronics package in them is trash and they know it. How do I know you ask? Great question! The owner has been driving them since they came out and he even said they don’t work. But yet he has no problem taking almost $100k for them from his customers. I brought mine back within days and my only recourse is to take another car I don’t want or to lemon it out and go through that whole mess.


Criminal level bait and switch advertising AVOID

This company violates the laws prohibiting bait and switch advertising by a breathtaking margin - $35,771 ad for new RAM comes out to an actual price of $43,749. Some of the quotes they actual put in writing include “NO ONE actually qualifies for that price, it’s just how the vehicles are priced”. I’ve already inquired as to whether this is legal - it is not. Avoid these criminal like Covid.


Liars and criminals

Avoid. The service adviser tried twice to get me to agree to pay for a warranty repair, I refused both times. After 5 days of being unable to get any information about my Jeep she told me it was done and I was being charged for it. The repair they did was a jury-rig at best and shouldn't have been done at all. The service manager was a jerk as well. I paid the ransom, seeing as I needed my vehicle back, and then took it to another dealership where the proper repair was performed under warranty. When I told the salesman who sold me the Jeep (and another vehicle) about it, his answer was "I'm sorry to hear that." Avoid Dayton Andrews at all costs, there are good Chrysler/Jeep outfits in the area, you don't need to deal with liars and criminals.


The worst

After waiting for a hour to check my truck in for service I finally got to leave, got a call 2 hours later with them saying theirs nothing they can do to my truck.


Ripped off

You charged me $139 for a scan that I didn't need and that you didn't tell me was automatically done until I came in for my appointment and $56 for replacement materials that you didn't use.


Standard service

This place will break stuff on your vehicle so they can charge you more money.when I picked my vehicle up I had electrical things that was not working, 2 days later I also had engine light and engine problems.


Destroyed my engine

DESTROYED MY ENGINE! My car had an oil leak, from the oil filter housing, a part that breaks in so many FCA cars, it they should be recalled. Because of the parts location, I thought a dealer could get it done faster than I could. I paid $1058.89 to have it replaced. Before the next oil change was due, the engine started making a knocking noise. Since the noise sounded bad, I didn’t want to drive it and I saw oil near the oil filter housing. I got a mobile mechanic service send out an ASE master mechanic. The master mechanic checked the oil and had to add multiple quarts. I told him about the repair Dayton Andrews had done. When he checked the oil filter housing, he saw that it was leaking and got it on video. He wouldn’t do anything more, because Dayton Andrews faulty repair had obviously damaged the engine. I had the vehicle towed to Dayton Andrews. A few hours later Todd Cassella calls and tells me that they will fix the oil leak, they caused, but I will have to pay them approximately $6000 to have my engine replaced, because of “lack of maintenance”. Does it even make sense, to repair an oil leak, on a broken engine? They were trying to cover up, what they had done. I told them not to do anything, I would pick it up. I have 20 years experience fixing my own vehicles and helping family fix their vehicles. I currently use Mobil 1 oil in all my vehicles. I always do scheduled maintenance, on time. My previous vehicle, had 265,000 miles on it and still ran, when I sold it. Dayton Andrews diagnostic report on the engine knock, states that the repair they performed was faulty and was leaking oil. The diagnostic report also states that the engine needs to be replaced because of “driving with low/no oil. Yet, the diagnostic from the original repair doesn’t list an engine knock. And the faulty repair caused the low oil issue. Yet, like other reviewers here have shown, this shop won’t take responsibility for their incompetence. Or maybe it’s not incompetence. If they can get away with defective repairs and it makes them more money, why would they do a good job? The state of Florida is supposed to protect citizens from being victimized by Automotive repair shops. You can contact the department of Agricultural and Consumer services, to report faulty repairs. If you have to return for the same issue and are billed again. Are refused warranty repairs, claiming “customer at fault” Or a faulty repair causes damage, file a report with the state.


Stay far away

Dont buy here....No customer service at this dealer. Once they sell you a car or truck they ignore you. Sold my son a used Ram and 3 months after buying it he hit the brakes to avoid an accident , seatbelts would not lock up. Another dealer checked and found that retractors were defective. Wanted to charge $1800 to replace them. A serious safety issue exists . They ignore calls and never call back. Upper management is a waste they could care less, especially Brandon the service manager. They should all find new jobs. Dont believe any of the asinine replies by them , we called a minimum of 5 times before taking it locally to.a dealer. They claim to stand behind what they sell, ya they do. They wave goodbye as you pull out hoping you dont find all the problems before you get home. Brandon is the biggest liar of them all, he'll talk over you until you get so disgusted you hang up on this clown.


My service was outstanding.

I received care from Jim wilson.the way he treated me was outstanding.he took his time to find what I wanted and for the price I can afford.he didn't give up it took extra time but most dealership will give up and don't care,but Jim took it a step higher.he made me feel like a family not just a customer..his attitude is awesome.i will definitely be there again and ask for him.Jim Turner in finance is one awsome guy.he worked hard and smart to make me happy and comfortable.he also didn't give up until I was fully happy.thank you to the both of you.


Manager offered me a 400 gift card senior tookaway

I was approved for a dodge ram truck 2018 dealer needed a cosigner my roomate gave him his income asked for additional said he made 100 a week cash then they over inflate the figures to 200 a week 25 percent by their own admission accused me of lying on my income which is all verifyable including a room rental knowing we what banks needed took my gift away said 15k off was enough stay away from this dealer they will sell you a car and charge you maximum interest evem if u bought 15 cars previously paid off 13 and 2 repos in 37 years like me

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